Monday, June 22, 2009

Sloooooooooooooo day,,,

I had a nice chat with my dad yesterday. He was drinking the Red Stripes I left there in April!
Sounds like there was some partying goin on round here as well.

Road work is happnin right out front today. It won’t be long we will be PAVED!!

The newspapers sez that the bridge at Kendal may not be fixed for years! Yes, years!

This photo was sent to me by someone who had it sent to her. I can’t say it’s not Scurvy, but I was not the one who put him in a bucket!

Here is a photo of a Alamanda Mrs. Barn shot recently.

The photo contest is heatin up. Submissions close tomorrow at midnight. Last check, there was 399 entries. Competition will be tough to say the least.

In our favor is that when you search the pool on "most interesting", we pop up on the first page. I guess that's something?


nutty said...

Great photo Mrs. Barn

Anonymous said...

I must admit I am excited about the road getting paved. The clay run off in the lagoon cannot be healthy for the little fish.