Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Murder most fowl,, UPDATED!

The photo contest ended last night at midnight. 721 entries!!! Wholely shit that’s allot of competition!
And yes, there are some fantastic photos entered. Here is Mrs Barn’s entry. A little different from mine,, ya think?

We should hear the results soon. It’s gonna be tough.

My favorite food outlet in the village now has t-shirts! Grill ‘n’ Go shirts are cool. They have flames on ‘em. What shirt doesn’t benefit from a flame job? Get ‘em while they last!

And guess who’s in trouble again. Anyone, anyone, Bueller? Yep, it’s me.
Not so much directly me and this time it’s not my big mouth, but my faithful dog.
Some buzz floating round the Breach is that Scurvy may have killed a neighbor’s chicken.
Now this surprises me and then it doesn’t. He has never before shown any interest in chickens, ‘cept the ones I cook up and plop in his bowl. And he has come across plenty of chickens in his travels. This one musta said something to really piss him off!
But on the other paw, he is a murderer. You drop him in a room full of kittens and he won’t be happy till the last one is a goner.
I can’t see him hunting down this fowl, but if he packed up with Fingers, well, the two of them together I could see it.
Now it looks like I need to replace a chicken and since I have no idea where to get a live one, guess I’ll pick up a frozen one. Maybe some eggs too?

Oh yea, i forgot. I know some of you down in the village are big fans of the chow commin outa the Maya Beach Hotel.
Well now you can have it delivered to your door for 25bz!
What's not to love!
Call CC Ryder listed on advertiser's row over there on the right and she will hustle it on down to you!

UPDATE: Remember Steve and Trina? Well, the judge hearing their case is accepting letters of reference. If you want to write the judge on their behalf, ask me for the address.
I think they could use all the help they can get!

Chicken Balls:

The red or some times orange sack hanging on the chickens chin.

Robert Jr: Daddy why does the chicken have something on his chin?
Roberts Dad: That my boy, are his balls, the very meaning of his life.

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