Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's Baaaaaack,,,

Well let’s see, what all did I fuck up while she was gone.

• I used the checkbook when I should have used cash.
• I didn’t change the sheets.
• I didn’t keep the table clean.
• There was hair in the bathroom sink.
• The area where the cat eats was a pit.
• I never washed the truck.
• I ordered some shit and used the wrong credit card.
• I didn’t clean the screens.
• I failed miserably at the shopping trips.
• Seems the place was generally a dump.

Areas where I shined,,

• Me, the dog and cat are all alive.
• I did not get arrested.
• I had cash left over!
• Her side of the bed was untouched.
• I was only seen at a bar on 3 different occasions.
• I won 3 beers and a t-shirt.
• There is still beer in the house.
• I made new friends with the turkey family.

All things considered, I think I did a pretty dam good job!

Bacheloroni & cheese:

a bachelor food: the combination of macaroni & cheese with any other food, most commonly a condiment.
macaroni & cheese + salsa = bacheloroni & cheese


Sue said...

What you did best was posting this for the world to see:
"Well hell, we don’t have our main squeeze! The one who keeps the place clean-er, the one who feeds the cat, the one who does noogie patrol after the cat, the one who keeps the lists straight, the one keeps everything in line and happening, the brains of this operation, our bestest friend and drinking partner. Of course we are a bit off skilter."
Well done, Barn!

sandy a said...

Now that Adriane is back maybe there can something that resmebles ORDER on Maya Beach!!

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Welcome home....

Anonymous said...

Typing for hubbie:

"you did us men folk damn proud, Barn"

Doc Tammy and hubbie