Friday, June 26, 2009

Can we have a moment of silence please,,,

It’s a sad day in The Breach. A sad day for the whole world actually. Worldwide mourning is taking place.
Personally, I am particularly affected. His songs, his music would play out every night in our house. Soothing, whimsical, enlightening. I loved his music. I’m not sure he can ever be replaced. An icon has passed.
We all know who I’m talking bout. It's been all over the news, websites ect.
Yes, the gecko that has been living in our bathroom has died!
His pale, lifeless corpse was found at 2:25 yesterday. He died of an apparent heart attack. Autopsy reports should be in next week.
Flowers, notes of kindness, bugs all can be sent here. Well, maybe not the bugs.

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Carole said...

Oh, no!!! Not the GEICO gecko!!!