Tuesday, June 2, 2009


What’s a couple of the best ways to tell Mrs. Barn is not in the immediate area? Well,, there a actually quite a few.
#1. Music is heard at ‘Chez Barnacle at the buttcrack of dawn.
#2. I wonder the peninsula looking totally lost.
#3. Some stranger than normal photos start showing up in various places.
#4. I never make the bed. It was great when I got out of it,, why fuck up a good thing?
#5. And this one is a dead give-away,, CHEEZEY POOFS!!
That’s right. When she is around they are not allowed in the house. Partly because they are not nesisacarily the best food source available, but mostly she can’t keep her mitts out of the bag either!

If I even try to toss a bag into our shopping bucket I get more grief than any man should.
“The fuck yer puttin dem poofs in dat bag”.
She gives me more shit than any other female on earth! But,, rest assured, I give it back with style.
Well, she can just sit back and imagine how good this bag of Chezzey Poofs is going to be!
Reminds me of the old story about the Canadian who went to the doctor because his wiener was orange. The Doc was all “I don’t know what’s wrong, eh, what are your weekly habits,, eh?”
“Oh Doc,, my routine never really changes eh. I work all week at the LaBatts brewery, and every night I watch hockey on my couch and eat cheetos.”
Ok, and in case any of you are curious bout the color of my dick,, I will be glad to show you. No Cheeto residue here!
Wow,, words I’ve never said before!
This blogging shit can really bring out the best in a fella!

So,, here are some of those out-of-the-norm photos I mentioned. Plus a couple bats and a hummer I got last night while waiting for the bats to show. Only a couple bats showed before I said ‘fuckit’ and went inside, but I’ll try again tonight.
Check out the geckos at the banana troft, AND,, look at the size of the knads on that little bastard!!. click to enlarge,,,(not that you have to,,) I could make chili outa 5 of them!

And on to Lola,, I have received a few comments aboot about how to get her some cash.
She wants to get ‘er done next week, so the best way will be to get me your C.C. info and I will either charge it here and give her the cash, or get her the #’s and she will charge it.
You guys are awesome fuckin great!!!


Obsession while you are under the influence of marijuana
-Where the fuck are my cheetos?!!!
- Oh God not again!! I don't know where your cheetos are!
-Ok *crash*
-Oh no not the good china!!
-Where are they? If I don't have my cheetos Im gonna die.
-I dont know where they are I swear
-LIAR! *punch*
-Ahhh not my hair...oh...god. *breaths*...Fucking stoner


Anonymous said...

Dem cheesy poofs better be gone before I get home! Maybe you should just OD on them so you can get it out of your system!
De Boss!!

RPM said...

You should try the new GIANT Cheetos! They're cheezy goodness the size of golfballs.


Belizean Beach Bums said...

MMMMMMM, Cheetos

Great pictures as always!!!!