Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dose that light,,, UPDATED!! AGAIN!!

Went to the village today. I forgot some shit Tuesday wanted to go back today and get more parts for a couple projects we got going on. The road progress is getting closer and closer to us.
I asked the guys when a ‘boss’ would come by and let me know about my truck shade. They said ‘soon Boi, soon.” I have been putting it off in the hopes I don’t have to move it. We shall see, soon Boi, soon.

I have been trying to shoot bats again (good beer drinking sport) but the little bastards must have found a new sugar daddy who’s banana’s they like better cuz only 2 have been round and they don’t stay long?

Since I have become addicted to using my strobes, most of my projects that are rattling round my brain compartment involve shooting either at dusk or after.
If the sun is bright, I have trouble competing with that light source, big fucker that he is!
So, in order to be able to shoot during bright days inside the house, I bought this bulb.

I have been lead to believe that when I screw it in and flick the switch, this bulb will absorb any ambient light in the area! Make the area go to dark. Thus giving me complete control even during daylight!
It should even work when I want to take a snooze round noon I should think!
This shit gets easier and easier.
Stay tuned for a evaluation of this new light source.

The last couple days the Turkey family has been hangin round. I like hearing their gobbles.
So I have been slinging bread slices to ‘em. They chomp ‘em down!
I suppose I am ‘pre-stuffing’ them for their big day?

It was soooooo slow here a couple days ago, I took to shooting water drops.
Lame? Yes,,no?


I found some vegetable spring rolls at The EveryDay market today.
At the risk of never getting any more,, GO GET SOME!!
Fuck they are good!
There frozen, thaw them out, and fry in oil.
Here is the translation to "There fuckin good"!
方式性交好! according to Babblefish,,,

DOUBLE UPDATE: In the first Babblefish translation I typed in 'way fucking good'.
Just for grins I just typed it in reverse, Chinese to English,
"The way sexual intercourse is good" was the result.
Sexual intercourse with a spring roll. OK,, I'm not above that,,,,

TRIPLE UPDATE: I am not very good at the road progress updates, but Sharon is.
You can keep up with her reports here.

Blacklight Tattoo:

A blacklight tattoo is a tattoo that is done in uv reactive ink. If the entire tattoo is done in uv ink it is not visible under normal light and is only visible when displayed under a blacklight. Another use for the ink is to highlight existing tattoos and to have effects such as causing the eyes of a dragon tattoo to glow under black light. The ink is only visible on lighter skin tones. And although certain manufacturers of the ink have been accused of peddling carcinogen laced ink, one brand name has remained unscathed. Chameleon Ink produces the only FDA approved tattoo ink in the industry.
"Yo, I was clubbing and saw this girl's back glowing... I think she had one of those blacklight tattoos."


Sue said...

So that little light bulb is basically your own private black hole?

Anonymous said...

What are you using to hold the water? Just curious. I just love them water droplets. Your gonna have to teach me how to take them photos.

sandy a. said...

We have blacklight ink at my shop. Rarely requested though.
Extra Extra EXTRA cool water droplets!

Anonymous said...

Love the water drops..they are beautiful