Monday, June 1, 2009

Battle of the Bands! With an UPDATE!

I gotta admit. In the years we been doin this gig, we have met some very interesting folks. Many come back almost every year. We do have a large return visit crowd! I’ve always said we provide more fun than any of the fancy-pants places. And Mango’s has usually played a big part in that fun.
Anyone remember this couple from ’05? When I got this email I recognized the names but couldn’t put a face to it. Till I saw the video,, Oh yea,, I remember that night at Mango’s!
Pretty cool I say!!

Bill and Adriane,

I thought you'd enjoy this video of a song I wrote shortly after our visit with you in Feb., 2005.
I recorded it this morning in my kitchen. You guys are the first ones to receive it. It's only fitting! The quality is up to Belize standards.....

Just think about how famous you guys will be after this very hot video spans the globe!

Not a day goes by that we don't speak of you and Belize in one way or another. We so enjoyed ourselves.

Patty introduces the song in our shows with the story about the Battle of the Bands that night at Mangos, and our ride home in the back of your truck with Scurvy.

We hope to get back for another vacation with you soon, in the meantime......enjoy the song.

Best regards,

Mike and Patty McDougal

Our friend Lola is having some medical problems. She needs some surgery and is asking for help to cover the costs.
It’s one of those female plumbing things,,,,

As we all know Lola is not the hands out type so she came up with an idea. Everyone who donates monetary funds towards Ms Lola's operation gets a Gift Certificate with the amount given and their names on it. The Certificate is redeemable up to 2010 at Lola's Art Gallery.

Bear in mind that she has art pieces from $22.00 Bz to $2000.00.
We need some new art for our rooms so we will be participating!
Help Lola out,, she’s good folk!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

We thought you were already famous..... tell your friend he did a great job on the song and video.

Sharyn and Bob

sandy a said...

that video was so cool! its a great talent to be able to play 2 instruments at once!
Barn, when is Lola going for her operation?
I will gladly donate, but since we'll be there in just about 3 weeks, I wont' send it via snail mail.

Anonymous said...

Sure Linda and I will donate. Just tell us where to send the check for Lola.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear the song .. no way I can bring it up on this ancient dial up connection. Remind me to listen to it when I get back.