Saturday, June 6, 2009

How ya gonna keep 'em home after they been on the internet?

Things have slowed to a crawl round here. We had some guests’ cancel. He was stationed in Afghanistan and was due to be here next week with his new bride.
He got wounded and sent to Germany instead. Bummer! Germany has a fine military hospital so I am fairly sure it was a substantial injury. Let’s all wish them the best.
We have had a few military folks sty here lately. One you may remember was a son of a cousin of mine I had never met. A lieutenant in the Marine Corps. OOH RAAA! He was on his third tour and we had some great conversations while he was here. Just in case you missed it, here he is with his girlfriend.

We frequently receive requests for discounts. Mostly from airline employees.
“Hi, I work for ¬________ Air, do you offer employee discounts?
“Yes, we will offer you a discount the minute ________air offers me a discount.”
The Belizean discount requests kinda puzzle me too. What do you think would happen if I went to the some hotel in Denver and asked for a discount because I am an American? Who doesn’t need a break?
To me, the only discount offered is to active military.

OK nuff bout that shit.
I have seen some mumblings bout how bored I must be, how I am acting weird, even the animals are effected.
Well hell, we don’t have our main squeeze! The one who keeps the place clean-er, the one who feeds the cat, the one who does noogie patrol after the cat, the one who keeps the lists straight, the one keeps everything in line and happening, the brains of this operation, our bestest friend and drinking partner. Of course we are a bit off skilter.
A couple examples,, I look out the window and I see our blind cat sizing up a huge tom turkey like he was a possible meal. Looked like an episode from the animal channel. Do you think he understood how outmatched he was?

Then,, I got up from a snooze and what do I see? Scurvy, on the computer!
I had heard he was posting on FaceBook but I never saw him do it!
So, I looked at what he was doing after he hauled ass out the doggie door,. He was chatting live with some bitch named ‘Snookums’ who claimed to live in Sien Bight! She posted that she had a webcam and wanted to send him some live stuff. Scuvry asked me to get one, said it is only 80$. I assume that is in dog dollars.

Wait! What's that saying bout dogs resembling the owners?

PS. If any of you don’t think it was hard for me to get that photo of Scurvy all by myself, 2 strobes with umbrellas using cords in a 16x10 area while he is not all that happy about it, think again!

Correction: I was wrong about our guests status. Not newly married, but have a couple kids. Sorry, as you know, it's all I can do to stay afloat round here!
Oh,, and Iraq, not Afghanistan,, get my shit straight ,, geez!

I’d exercise more but when I sweat it smells like beer and that makes you thirsty.


Arlington said...

That's PhotoShop,, right?

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Actually I believe that is Scurvy.. however, the picture of Barnacle might be PhotoShop....

Anonymous said...

Wow, what GREAT photos! And I'm positive there was no Photoshop involved. You let fuzz out? How in the hell did you get the dog to sit in front of the puter like that??

Barnacle said...

check out the two computers. scurvy's is the current dell, mine is an old piece of shit!

Barnacle said...

i use the models that are willing,, not that he was,,

Barnacle said...

also,, i am not capable of photoshop,,,

RPM said...

I really hope you mean Iraq, not Iran.

Now, about that "Bosun's Discount"...

Anonymous said...

Betcha Scurvy was emailing the bitch from San Pedro. Remember her?