Monday, June 15, 2009

Annie Leibovitz would stab me in the eye,,,

It’s a start. A nice photo but not going to leap me to the top of the leader board.
And no fault to the model.
But how can I make a head shot be more interesting than everyone else’s?
Not only should it be a well lit head shot, but it should be creative as well.
That’s the hard part. I struggle with that all the time. Not that I don’t struggle with the rest also.
I have one idea rollin round and a couple possible back-ups. We have till the 23rd.
Thank you Sharyn, for giving some time and being a sport!
I gotta go do some brainstormin!


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Maybe I should have had that second beer you offered????

sandy a said...

Well, what are they looking for--Expression? Clarity of the shot? LIghting?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to sound rude and that is not my intention here. I just want to help with your photo contest. So of the Belizean sites show, natives and other Belizeans with their colorful headdresses during local rituals/parades and such. Personally I feel that is where you should head, it will show the head shot and the humanity of your cameras focus. Just a thought, hope I didn't offend anyone. Another way to go, your dog and cat are very photo beauties, dress them up with different mini hats and smap them at different places around Belize. You have a great imagination just use that. - Doc Tammy

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking one of the pix you took of the older Belizeans would be a good fit for this contest.