Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Now where did i put that recipe for prison toilet wine,,,,

A bit of an update here.
For those who have not actually seen the new road, man-o-man will you be impressed!
And a word of caution. Them pedestrian ramps are meaner than they appear! At first I thought those are not going to slow down anyone.

I was wrong! Go ahead, hit one at speed. See if you chip your tooth on that Belikin bottle.
There are currently 3 being installed. 2 on either side of the ‘S’ curve where there has already been ‘mishaps’. And 2 in Siene Bight. Wait, that’s 4 right? I hope there’s more.
They are currently working on both the area from the airstrip to Serenity, and up here north of Cocoplum.
It is sooooo nice to drive on a smooth road! My truck doesn’t rattle anymore!

And I do appreciate the advice and suggestions concerning the upcoming photo contest, but, they have some rules.
The photo must be shot now, nothing from last year. And part 2 requires the ‘subject’ to shot you in the same situation.
And a third photo will to be required if by chance we win.
Here is one avenue I am looking at. He said ‘headshot, or mug shot, right?
We’ll see how this plays out. We got a week left.


Tani said...

need to see the eyes some kind of soul from a head shot....just my opinion of course...which i noticed from the sample head shots.

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Love it.... of course you will have to lower the yardstick if I am still your model....

harlo said...

Barn, That mugshot of a drunk Nick Nolte won't fool has been on the internet for years.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, nice shot. Not to change the subject but since when are SB, MB and Plantation in Independence? Do you check BEL web site? Looks like you guys are in for a powerless Friday. Have fun. Kathy

Kraig and Barbara said...

Commenting from way up north here in Oregon...Thanks for the look at the new road~! We've been visiting Belize for many years and never in a million years did we beleive that they would pave the road. Amazing. We love your blog.

RPM said...

Harlo beat me to it. Great Nolte shot!

Anonymous said...

It just takes a couple of apples, that why they search the prisoners after lunch. In case you still want to make the wine, Hide the fruit.