Friday, May 29, 2009

Whelp, back to boring,,,

Things seem to have settled down, back to normal so to speak.
I did wake up around 0300 fully expecting shit to start moving round again. But the only thing I see is a note here by the keyboard Mrs. Barn left me saying “Aftershock 10:39”.
I slept right thru that one.
Along with Independence’s water tower crashing down, Placencia’s is reported to have some damage also. An email came thru saying pressure and hours of operation would be limited while they fix whatever it is.
This is the second earthquake I have ever experienced. The first was 10 years ago when we were living next to the Maya Beach Hotel. That one was minor, and during daylight.
This one, wholey shit! What made it so much more exciting was that the lights went out right off.
So there I was, still half in dreamsville, when it all starts shaking to beat all shit! Then it got dark.
Shits crashing to the floor, glass busting, and I can’t get a grasp on what’s happening, nor can I see shit!
“What-the-fuck is going on”?
We stayed on the bed, if we had gotten we most likely would have fell over anyway.
It was quite a ride!
Remember awhile back when I said our house had settled and we were going to jack it up and slide some beer coasters under the west end?
We now think the house has ‘seeked it’s own level’. We may not have to do that now. Seems fine.


1: the release of seismic energy from the friction between moving plates in the earth's crust.
2: natural selection for Californians.
"These damned Californians are getting too numerous... time for another earthquake!"

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Anonymous said...

Thought my ex-wife died and come back from the dead to try to finish me off since she nearly accomplished that just before we split up.
My bed was a rockin and a rollin. Once I got out and realized the whole house was shaking due to an earthquake, I felt relieved. At least it wasn't no dead bitch ghost come to get me. I can deal with an earthquake. Although I must admit it was interesting since there was no electricity and I'm fumbling around in the dark to find my flashlight and get the hell out of the house. It was quite a
sight with me running around bare assed naked.