Thursday, May 28, 2009


just a quicky,,
last night at 0230 we had what i am told was a 7.1 earthquake!
epicenter near roatan.
independence water tower fell down, monkey river has damaged houses, a crack developed at the end of the peninsula near the ice house!
everything, and i mean everything fell off our shelves. lots of busted crap around.
our little Mennonite house on sticks was a rockin and rollin!
more news as it arrives,,,,,


seahorse dive shop is in the water. not completely but it fell down a bit.
the piers in placencia are all jacked up.
lots of small damage,, cracks and busted shit.
i couldn't sleep and went for a drive at 0300 to look for power poles down and shit. every single person was out in the road in Sien Bight!
i have not and most likely will not go to placencia today. no photos from me. other than our house.
there was a tsunami warning issued for the coast of belize but they lifted in early.
a hell of a way to wake up at 0230!! man-o-man, shit was really shakin!! power went off almost immediately so it was dark as hell also! shit crashing to the floor, glass breaking, somewhere in there i think i farted!

SECOND UPDATE: Here are some photos of inside our house.
Everything crashed down from the shelves. Alot landed in the sinks and busted. We had hot sauce all over the kitchen floor.
All the books and spare sheets and towles were on the floor downstairs.
It wasn't much for us, but the initial shaking was a trip!

Fiona got some shots in the village,,

The U.S. Marshals have left, the earthquake is done, what's next? Kinda boring right now.
This all has caused me to upload a new tune into the player.
Shakin shakin shakes by Los Lobos.


sandy a said...

thanks for the update
Post pics if you get some, please!

MidaH's Touch said...

thanks for the news! Rock and Roll

Belizean Beach Bums said...

I think we should take a roll call... we are here, we found a link on the Belize Forum that has pictures of Placencia damage. Take a look at

Sharyn and Bob

Sue W said...

I posted that link for Fiona. She says she is off to find some coffee! First I heard of the earthquake was from her Mum who e-mailed me that she had just returned from Placencia last night.

Carole said...

The Northridge earthquake that was felt at our casino hotel eighth floor room at 4:30AM in Las Vegas made the floor-to-ceiling curtains wave like the ocean. I had gotten out of bed to go to the bathroom and my husband thought it was me shaking the floor :-) I was standing up and felt like I was in the process of fainting from dizziness but couldn't figure out why until it registered in my brain it was because of an earthquake! We grabbed robes and went out into the hallway to head for the stairs but by that time it was over. Decided to go down to the casino to see if the slots had been shaken up and were paying off. NOT!

tacogirl said...

Wow you had a lot of shaking compared to us. I woke up in a fog thinking it felt like someone just put a quarter in the machine to make the bed vibrate lol