Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mighty quite around here the last couple days. Our internet service has been out since the power outage Saturday. But,, we’re baaaack!

Sunday we went to the cricket game in town. Someone forgot to tell anyone there was to be a cricket game in town,, on Sunday. Didn’t happen.
So, we went to Yoli’s and slurped back a few cold ones.

Not this one per se’, but many of his brave comrades.

And the mornings have been as calm as all get out. Now if I could just get up an hour earlier.


charisma in a can.
game in a bottle.
this shit makes me smoooother than vanilla.
damn. bitches betta get ready.
me: hey ladies!!
ladies: eww, get away...
me: damn...

(after many beers)

me: hey ladies,,!
ladies: damn...

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