Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can we get back to some degree of normal-ness here? UPDATED

Back to our regular programming,,,

It’s the weekend. We can take a break from all the trials and tribulations, concentrate on what is really important.
I added two new tunes to the juke box by Cement Pond.
Beer is in the stand-up beer cooler!
Theres a cricket game in town today. We may or may not go, undecided. I don’t go for the game, it can be boring as all hell. But you go to see all the friends we seldom see, since we are such recluses.
Oh,, and for the beer.

Just to take up space,, here is Scurvy doing his duty. He is checking the creds of some unauthorized visitors. They checked out OK as he let them pass.

More likely, ‘Tom’ threatened to kick his ass if he gave them any shit!
The Turkey family,, Tom, Thelma, and the five twins, Tonto, Ofelia, Edoligis, RubyMay, and Ralph.

Let’s see if anyone can pick which house is located near Mango Creek and which one is just north of me a couple miles.

And for bonus points,, which one is more pretentious?

Google is an amazing guy. Whoever he is, he is one smart muthafucker! He knows everything I have ever asked him! He even knows when I fuck up some spelling. “Did you mean ‘pretentious?’. Oh,, yeah, thanks dude.
Not that I had to look up the definition of pretentious. That was just an example.
Computers get more scary each time we buy one. I think they run on magic!
That’s why I’m afraid of them. Because maybe I have freaky thoughts and I don’t want my computer telling me things like “fuck you, I’m not writing THAT down”. I don’t need rejection from my computer!

UPDATE: OK,, maybe normal-ness is overrated. So to be sick and twisted, how I like to be, check out this link that landed in the comments!

Chuck Norris and Mr. T walked into a bar. The bar was instantly destroyed, as that level of awesome cannot be contained in one building.


sandy a. said...

One day we'll just have to plug our brains into the computer and it will do all our thinking for us!!
That top house is sick (sick in a bad way, not that gansta way). Why why why would you want to build a house like in Belize? Why dont' you just stay in FLorida? I just dont' understand that mindset. But I guess it's not for me to understand. They must be millionaires to be able to afford the electricity for that MF, especially since I notice all the windows are the kind you keep closed. UGH.

Anonymous said...

If they built this house in Florida or wherever, it would just be another mansion.
To build it among much lesser structures gives them the feeling of being King!

sandy a said...

Kings are made to be overthrown!! Anarchy rules!!!

Anonymous said...

What this dude Marco has done is beyond gross. Send these people back to Texas where gross is a good thing and appreciated.

rabbitmoon said...

So freaking out of place in Maya Beach or anywhere in Belize! their shangrila???? (spelling) The peninsula really won't tolerate people who think they are kings over was gross as someone put trees for that!

Anonymous said...

When I was a kid in Colorado we used to put bumper stickers on the lift towers. One said, "Don't Californicate Colorado". The other said, "If God had meant Texans to ski he would have made bullshit white". Apparetnly and sadly all has come true on the Peninsula just as it did for Colorado.....

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Tell me again what normal-ness means?

nutty said...

As you said both are pretenious..something about them taking up space..linear space...the phallic..the visual the gaze.......

bonbon said...

The Big house is nothing New, There all over Belize, And Why Not. Belize City has them as most towns there is always a few and Most are owned by Belizans. Do we put the Belizans down for owning a large Home?? If the guy can afford it and he wants to Build in Belize and Pay Belizans to build it. Great. I love the House. Just Glad I am not there HouseKeeper.

Ed said...

What about the carbon footprint we should be worried about?
This house will most likely be occupied by 2 people, part of the year.
During that part of the year, they will use more energy than anyone near them!

sandy a said...

I've seen some big houses in Belize, but most that I have seen are built in a different architectural style--not something that looks like it was beamed down from US suburbia. The ones I have seen in Belize are more open, with long long porches, large open windows, and they blended better with the surroundings.
And I agree with Ed about the carbon footprint. Why build such a big house for only a couple people. I could see it if you had 8 children or something, but chances are that is not the case here.

Carole said...

Eight servants is more likely.

Anonymous said...

I about fell out of my chair and not because of the house but because it is located right across the street from us, would be visible from our verandah if the Mango tree had not grown and blocked the view. Actually the house is located in Independence not Mango Creek and it survived Hurricane Iris with no problem. The owner has had to put up some additional posts for support but so far this house shows no sign of falling down. Whenever we walk by on the way to the Port we have smiles on our faces.

Anonymous said...

Dear Barnacle,

Guess you already know, but you can be one sick puppy. The Poop-Poop was way more than I need to see.

Better be careful, they be talkin about sending gross things back to Texas. You could be next!

Barnacle said...

Mr./Mrs. Anonymous,

Why would they send me to Texas?
the only time i have ever been to the state was when we drove thru on the way here. punishment i guess?
and if the poop poop was too much for you,, maybe you should bail out now,,,