Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Twitter!!

The weekly trip to town yesterday. Same shit, different smell.
Went to barefoot because we knew it was H-O-T! Barefoot would be a nice spot and we were right.
Some of you know Brice. But did you know she is pregnant? Like, with child, bun in the oven, smuggelin watermelons, preggers? Am asking ‘how the fuck did that happen’? Cassie and Mel are lookin at me a bit odd. ‘Can I rent the video”? Oh sure, now I’m some kind of pervert or something.
A whole bunch of years ago, I had a girl ask me to photograph her giving birth. I declined.
In hindsight, I should have taken the opportunity. Would have been weird tho!

So,, we down some beers and head home. Down a few more on the DoubleWide. Eat, watch some tube, go to bed,, me anyway.
Mrs. Barn comes to bed around 0200. I wake up and ask what’s up?
We all have had those moments where the computer and alcohol don’t mix, right? Well she had one.
Sometimes there should be a setting or a test or something you need to pass before you are allowed to sign on.
Over the last year or so, I managed to join aaallll the gotdam twitter/myspace bullshit. Each and every one asked me to join,, and I did. Then I tried to quit all of them as well. Now the only one I deal with is facebook. I have a facebook account. I get the daily updates and all that shit. Not too sure what to think about it.
Mrs. Barn has wanted to get her own account and last night she took the plunge.
So at 0200 she is telling me how it went.
Got her little photo, signed up, went to ‘make friends’ and for unknown reasons, it sent a friend request out to everyone in the address book!! And that’s a whole bunch!!
Whoa,, WTF? Didn’t want that. Can’t un-do it either,, shit!
Cancel account.
Start over. Sign up, add little photo, send friend requests, FUCK,, same shit! Everyone In the known civilization got a request! Can’t un-do it.
Cancel account.
And away we go,,
I think she may have finally got it set up, but realized she should wait till today to try the friend request things again.
But as I checked our email this morning, I see we got response from Moamar Quidafi and the Pope!

The Pope. Now heres a guy who looks like a zombie. Looks to me like he could eat someone at any minute. Or at least eat a kitten.
So that is why when and if this facebook friendship she now has going with the Pope, evolves into her getting to meet the Pope, and sit on his lap like that other fat guy.
I am telling her to take a test kitten with her. Toss the kitten in first; see if the crusty old bastard bites it’s head off, ala Ozzy Osborne.
If not, then all she has to worry about is the whole sitting on his lap thing.
That scares me,, and I’m fearless!


An elderly unmarried white dude that walks around with a hat and a robe for his own pleasure, and then tells you being gay is wrong.
Person #1: The Pope just said that a 30-year-old unmarried long-haired bearded carpenter loves me.
Person #2: Jesus christ!
Person #1: Yeah, that's the one.


sandy a said...

I've met Brice a couple times, even once when she was wearing a SpongeBob costume a few halloweens ago! If she's happy about it, congrats to her!
I used to do Facebook, but it was too much crap to keep up with. Like, I'm not already on the computer enough? LOL!

cayegirl said...

How did you guys fare in the earthquake? Heard it took down the water tower in Independence and there is a big crack at the end of the peninsula by the icehouse!