Friday, May 22, 2009

Jesus-AssShavin-Crist! I feel like a Nun just busted a ruler across my knuckles,,UPDATED,,,

Hey,, check it out!
I got a comment from Trina’s mom!! How she found this blog is beyond me but folks have found it by searching on key words like “Tits, smegma, balls, zombies, dog dicks, Rosie O’Donnel and beer”. So it's conceivable she could have found it that way.

And it would appear she has never met me? She accuses me of making jokes!
Of course I am making jokes. Where she made her mistake is believing I am directing them at the entire situation.
That is not the case. Oh no. Federal drug and kidnapping charges are something to be taken seriously. Family’s worrying about a 2 year old’s where-bouts is not gonna get any laughs either.
But,, most of you know my standing on God ,Jesus and all that,,, stuff, so I’ll just let that lye right there like an empty Belikin bottle.
Empty, alone,,,neglected, waiting for others to arrive.

Any-freekin-hoo, I asked her to link me when she has updates on it all, because THEY HAVE FRIENDS HERE!!
Friends who look for the humor in things!
And if she wants to clown on me for my non-beliefs, I bet it would help her general outlook on life. Loosen her up a bit. I'm guessing she could use some laughs!

UPDATE: I was just informed that since I misspelled 'Christ', I am exempt from any repercussions hence-forth-and-with-standing.

Nanny nanny poo poo!


Anonymous said...

Can you get a grip that she left two sons? Sorry that they seemed friendly. You need to re-evaluate.

Barnacle said...

as moms post said,,, she could not live without karrisah,,, didn't say she couldn't live without the 2 sons.
i don't need to re-evaluate shit, thankyouverymuch.

RPM said...

Barnacle you old heathen!

bananavida said...

Can we get a link to Trina's "mother's" myspace page?

sandy a. said...

I think it would be hard to leave two kids behind. I dont' have that "mommy instinct", but I still dont' understand that. I heard that people die for their kids and sacrifice all kinds of stuff for them. But I guess not everyone.
Meth screws your head up, so they probably werent' thinking straight when they took off. That stuff is so bad it causes early dementia and makes holes in your brain (I am not making that up!).
I hope that after Steve and Trina serve their time, they get their lives on track and stay away from meth and that lifestyle.

Barnacle said...

here ya go,, bring your hymn book!

Anonymous said...

Very difficult to have any sympathy at all for the meth crowd. I've seen what that can do to people and it is unreal. Kidnapping of course, is a big no no with the FBI. For obvious reasons. Some crimes just don't lend themselves to much in the way of having nice thoughts about someone. This qualifies.