Friday, May 1, 2009

It will just get worse,,,

I think you all know what transpired last week, so I won’t go into the whole ‘I-was-in-Denver-and-Mrs. Barn-hi-jacked-the-blog” thingy.
But,, I’m back!
She did a good job of keeping shit stirred up I see and set a record for the amount of daily hits!
Not only did she hi-jack the blog, seems she commandeered all the woman’s night attendees to storm the DoubleWide!
And she thought she would be bored.
She will become a regular guest author soon and you can expect more of her view from the Breach.
Let’s all give her a big Mental Breach wedgie!

And while I was chowin down burrito’s and beer’s up north, the blog hit a milestone.
On April 28th, As the Coconuts Drop turned one year old! Wholey shit, has it been a year? Why yes it has.
And just think of all the amazing topics that have been discussed.
Vampires, zombies, smegma, boobs, balls, condo’s, the road, cats, dogs, dog dicks, dog balls, whores, skanks, bats, birds, bees, politicians, assholes, vaginas, beer, Rosie O’Donnell, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Mennonites, mayans, more boobs, tamales, pizzas, bagels, hurricanes, rain, cold, beer, hot, the new deck, the old deck, Canadians, dump trucks, more dump trucks, beer, more assholes, flowers, the beach, trash, internet, smut, beer, banana’s, snakes, lizards, more beer, swimming pools, bars, poker, fishin, beer, scorpions, voo-doo, chiney man, land titles, dangriga, music, cameras, boobs, (inhale,,,,,),

Texans, coiti’s, crabs, cops, power, water, environment, bribes, more assholes, upalumpa’s, gay security guards, rocket launchers, construction workers, rust, computer parts, boobs, sand, dog hair, dog shit, cat pus, cat poop, blind cats, stupid cats, worthless cats, dog fights, dog urp, rum, pirates, wenches, tires, air conditioning, advertisement execs, Sarah Palin, photo lightning, models, hotties, notties, money, bowling, beans, rats, taters, naps, sex, jalapenos, crock pots, sunrises, chachalacha’s, ear wax, farts, hot sauce, soup, tattoos, hats, gecko poop, ulcers, gun permits, restaurant reviews, bar reviews, buses, dope, BTL, BEL, gas, boobs, tampons, and did I mention beer?
Good gawd,, I re-read that last bit and I realize,, hey, that’s my life! I’m living it!!
So, as the blog inters its second year with over 23,000 visits, you can expect more of the same, if not worse! only worse!
Stay the fuck tuned!


1. The day I came out of a vagina
2. A day to celebrate that you haven’t died in the last year
"It’s my birthday! Whoopdy fucking doo"
3. The celebration of the occasion of which you exited a vagina. Not to be confused with sex.
“My birthday is in July”. (Never had sex in July though)
4. A type of suit, most pleasing when worn by hot chicks.
“It's cool when your mom only wears her birthday suit”.


Belizean Beach Bums said...

Welcome back Barnacle!!!

RPM said...

Congrats and welcome back Barn!

sandy a said...

Happy Birthday Coconuts Drop!!
Welcome back Barn.....although the Missus did a fine job of entertaining us!!

Gringainbelize said...

happy birthday.......and many many has been fun.....and welcome back we missed

BUNKSTER said...

You forgot the one memorable man/dog story! And while you were gone there was another one in Belize City. Woman loses dog, walking around to find it, hears dog whining, looks inside house and sees man/dog love association. No pics this time.