Friday, May 1, 2009

Barnacle does Denver,, part one,,,

"Mom, can I borrow the car? I gotta go get some shoes.”
My parents are getting up there and have all the normal issues you would think, plus a couple others that no one should have to deal with, but that’s another story.
I go visit and help out as much as I can each year.
So, away to Denver I go. One week earlier there were blizzard conditions, but I was promised good weather this week. HA, day #2 it freekin snowed.

Typical for Denver in the spring. I went into Wallgreens during a blizzard, but when I came out there was blue sky and warm temps. Sloppy tho.

Mom hears about the blog and asks for the address.
Me: I don’t think I want you out there Ma.
Mom: Why not?
Me: There’s allot of crap bout boobs, donkeys and shit.
Mom: Oh come on, nothing I have not heard before.
Me: OK, there is a couple days dedicated to Smegma.
Mom: Whats that?

I go get a dictionary, open to the page,,

Me: Right there Ma, read it out loud.
Mom: ,,,foul smelling cheese-like substance that accumulates under the fore,,OH MY GOD!
Me: You still want that address Ma?

She sez she will just look at the flickr site, thankyouverymuch.

Me and dad went bar-hoppin one afternoon. Yep, blind and using a walker, we hit two of his old haunts trying to scare up some of his old buddies. Kinda sad tho, of all the names he dropped with the bartender, half were either dead or close to it. Sucks to watch them get old!

I was invited to a model shoot at the North Denver Studio. Two young girls from CU wanted to update their portfolios.

It was a good learning experience of how to coax the models and get them to loosen up, but I got aced out of doing any actual shooting. I was to get in after the paid photog was done, but by 2200 I said fuck it and went home. But I came away with some new ideas so it ain’t all bad.

P.S. Who left that stinkin Stout beer in my fridge?

I wish temperance leagues still sang anti-drinking religious hymns outside bars, because, you know, it’d be a very funny thing to watch while getting hammered.


BUNKSTER said...

I understand how difficult it can be with your parents towards the end. As my moms alzhiemers progressed, when I went into her room, I never knew if I was going to be her son, husband, or father that day. One day I was her husband and she asked me why I do not sleep with her anymore! I can laugh now but it was so hard to see the mother I love deteriorate.

sandy a. said...

I worry about my folks getting old too, even though both of them are in great shape.
Barn, it's funny to see you in the snow!

sandy a. said...

I meant to make another comment too: On the right of the blog here, where the local ads are? Well, it would be cool if you could make them clickable if they have a website. Like, I know that Jenny does for Bayshore Belize, dunno about the others.