Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Witches or Wenches?

Does it matter whether we are witches or wenches? It's the power of the luv of women - We revere our men - at least in this case I do. Some of you pirates might feel threatened - but fear not - we are good women. The Barnacle "The revered one" is being released from hostage as we speak, and de ship will part very soon. Please be patient as he recovers from his ordeal. And thank you mately's with putting up with this wench/witch pulling this crap outta err ass. I'm just feeding off of de Barnacle's juju, so much that it's been flowing thru me in his absence.

This is the actual flag where the wenches/witches gathered tonight. I had way to much fun hijacking this forum, and having the "ladies" join me on the double wide tonight. How will I go on dealing with my everyday boring tasks??? Maybe one day I will be a guest author on the Barnacle's blog ... maybe by you all requesting I come back and pay a visit one day?

Some topics of discussion tonight. What's the difference between a wench and a witch. My favorite response was from Pamela the Goddess of the Abyss ... "It's a very fine line. Whether it's Wednesday night, or Thursday morning." We never did get to hear the expert of the pirates speak ... her name will be with held at this point. Someone dubbed us as "Lil Bit's Wenches" ... but mutiny was abound. And one among us claimed to be a witch ... and well, I have no problem with that. Although I think I will claim to be a bit of both, as I do love mischief. For all you ladies that didn't come tonight, it was a good time had for all. If your into wenches, witches, women, fun, power, love ... hope you will join us in the future.

Still don't know my pirates name. An online pirates speak dub me as "Mad Dog Rackam" or "Adele the Periwinkle" ... maybe a bit of both. Or maybe a bit of pirate, wench and witch. Think Barnacle has his hands full. Rumor has it Barnacle's bat photo, and the blog with the "Wenches Rule" made Belize online news. How cool is that?


sandy a said...

I hoist a mug o' grog to the spirited repartee, imparted by wenches and captives alike!!!

Anonymous said...

Yo Wenches,

U all be the same. Don't know a good spermblaster when U sea one.

beware all U single wenches, especially of espanol descent, I be cumming for you. When I get done blastin U, you be wishin U was a witch burning at the steak. I happen to like well done meat so that mightin be a good idea to.

Captain Cum

Anonymous said...

The destroyer is comin'!!!

Sue said...

The "Anonymous" "Yo Wenches" post is the very reason women, not men, should be in charge of the world.

Gringainbelize said...

Thank you for inviting us to participate.....

Anonymous said...

Adriann, lass.
Twas good to see that you understand some Annons are actually helpful hecklers (unlike some others)
It gave me joy that my posts helped with more participation from others wenches and gave you some help with the words for “wenches rule” and the topic of “witches or wenches”

For your wench name please consider Ariel, it was my mate's name when she played wench. She has passed and I'm sure she would be happy to pass the name onto another like she who loves her mate and luvs to play.
Adriann/Ariel---has a nice ring to it huh.