Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy B-Day Adriane,,,!

We went out for dinner last night. Went to the M.B. Hotel.
Mrs. Barn had the Slow Cooked Ribs and was still lickin her fingers after the plates were gone and the second beer arrived. She said she was not too fond of the style of taters that came with it tho.
I may have mentioned before that I am no big fan of fish, but when I go somewhere like this I can almost be assured I will like their version of the slimy, stinkin creatures.
So, I ordered up their ‘Nut Encrusted Fish Dinner’. It came with smashed taters and black beans.
That combo of fish and smashed taters was one of the best meals I have had! And I’m talkin fish here!!
The nut coating is a combo of peanuts, coconut, and corn flakes. I am now a big fan of that simple combo.

So, what in the world got us out and about on a Thursday evening?
Adriane’s birthday that’s what!
Yep, she can add another year to the clock,
WHOLY SHIT!! As I sit here and type, there was a hellofa racket right outside our window! What the fuck is that? I go out and look and it’s one of Doris’s puppies, just cryin his eyes out.
Gotta run him back home. Little bastard is way too young to be out traveling this early!
As I drop him off, I see her heard of turkeys are out gobblin. They have about 4-5 turkets now as well. Always critters at the store.

Not much happening, as you can tell…. No Zombies, no Vampires, nutin. Just Turkeys and puppies,,


A country that serves as the bridge between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Its biggest city is Istanbul although they changed the capital to Ankara 70 years ago. Men are a little on the crazy side but the chicks are uber hot.
Turkey is a real Turkish delight


Anonymous said...

Happy Bday Adriane,

kim & nick

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Adriane from an old gal who was singing the Beatles song, "When I'm 64" all day yesterday. Yep, that's me!

Joe said...

Ya can't beat Jon's cooking!

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Happy Birthday Adriane
We'll buy you a drink on Sunday if we see you there.
Hugs from us both
Bob and Sharyn

sandy a said...

happy Birthday Adriane!!! Gosh, I can't believe another year has gone by already!! Hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy B day A. But I noticed that Barn didn't mention your age. Although privately he did say you look great for 32.
As for the Nut and Crusted? It's the best. I'll never know if they change the menu because that's all I order.
Again Happy Birthday Adriane from both of us.
Mr. and Mrs. TC

Adriane said...

Thanks evereyone for wishing me a Happy Birthday. Much appreciated!!!

RPM said...

Happy Birthday Adriane!
I'll have to find you a female Pirate hat or somethin'.

Gringainbelize said...

sorry late...but happy happy birthday......and many more......

Brian and Jasmin said...

Happy B day Adriane sorry hadnt been on the blog for a couple of days. Brian and Jasmin