Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And yet another post that will bring me hate mail,,,

A few tidbits from the area to report.
I am guessing that by the end of the week, the entire strip of ‘downtown’ Seine Bight will be paved!
As of yesterday it was complete from Serenity all the way to the ball field in S.B. and they are bustin ass right now. Probably because it is starting to rain. Lots and lots of trucks.
I think I mentioned this before how they put such thought into this right?
How the truck traffic slowed way down when the economy faltered, so they started to pave the road just to make sure there was absolutely no disruption in the flow of dump trucks. And when the road is done, the economy should be healed so the condo assholes can turn their trucks loose again. Aahhhhh, Maya Beach!

Placencia is trying to catch Ferrell cats. Good fuckin luck I say. But we all know there is a shitload of them around.

Our cat, FuzzNutts is an only child. His entire family has been killed off. You could say he is a ‘Holocats’ survivor. Get it? Holocaust joke about cats? Oh lightnen up. At least I didn’t mention Meowschwitz!
Or even the Purred Reich! Or Kitler? Herr Ball? Mein Katf? Catstapo?
We should have named him Sgt. Meowinstien.
And don’t go look at this site either,,,

While I was in Denver, I missed the fact that some local area folks received awards from the BTB. Ellie and her crew at the Placencia tourism center won best receptive service of the year!
And our good friend Lola won best small business!
Rock on folks!! Good job.

Check out what good neighbors this guy has!

“Um…didn’t you leave me a voicemail calling me a giant whorebag?”

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Colette & Maya said...

Have we ever told you how much we love your blog? No, of course we haven't. Well we love your blog and your poops and your cats that look like hitler. Keep bringing them on. Colette & Maya from San Pedro