Saturday, May 2, 2009

Barnacle does Denver part dos,,,

Trips to Denver can get expensive! My parents are located in a very accessible shopping area. I am serious when I say that I can buy literally anything I can imagine within a 1 mile radius of their house!
So that translates into spending a shit-load of money either on ‘stuff’ or burritos and steaks.
I bought one item by mistake and it is now back up for sale. A Panasonic cordless phone model # KX-TG2302B. still in the box with receipt. 100bz OBO. Mrs. Barn wanted one with caller I.D. and I fucked up. So, my fuck-up can be your score! Nice phone!

Went looking for a car stereo. The one in the Barn-Mobile basically sucks. And trying to play the ipod thru it has been a challenge.
Found one that would play the ipod thru an input jack no problem. But, it also has a USB port.
So fucking what you might say,, well check this out. For 14$ I also bought an 8gb flash drive to plug into that USB port. 8gb will hold AN ASS-LOAD of music! Enough for any road trip we ever take, that’s for sure. Plus I have other 1 and 2gb sticks around if needed. It also displays the song info on the stereo face. How cool is that!!!
The nice, young, pimply-faced salesboy tried his best to sell me the extended warranty. I finally tell him it’s leaving the country.
He sez “Sir, if needed we will supply you with a list of authorized repair facilities in your local area.”
One of those comments you just have to laugh about and move on.
Kinda like the visitor staying here who was having issues with his new fancy-pants digital underwater camera. He sez “I’m gonna run into town and see if the camera repair store can fix it for me.”
I just had to walk away,,,,

And as usual, I went to the grocery store twice a day. I just can’t get enough of those places! So much georgous vegatables and stuff. Sprinklers going, music playing, the little bag dispensers that tear the bag off for you!

I ask the manager if he would let me take photos for the blog. He says he has to get his boss. This guy sends me to the main office to ‘Media Relations’. Phone them up, she transfers me up stairs, they transfer me down the hall, he transfers me to his boss who I finally convince it’s all for fun, no competitive business scheme going on here. He gives me the OK and sez he will e-mail the manager at this particular store.
3 days go by before I am up and ready early enough to miss the crowds and get good shots. I head in with camera ready, ask for the manager. Once again I am denied. They look everywhere and have no reference to me gaining permission to do this.
Fuck it,, I’m going to Little Anita’s for a breakfast burrito.

P.S. I see the music player has gotten it's shit back together,,,


80 years ago or so, Burrito did not exist in the spanish vocabulary. It was a word invented by anglo-americans. Why? Long ago, mexicans would carry their tacos on donkeys to sell to the anglo-american tourist that came to TJ. Anglos started to say " burrito" because the spanish word " burro" means donkey, and now most hispanic and anglo-americans believes burrito is an acutal word. Now a days, mexicans have adapted the word burrito into their vocab. Even though it does not exist in the language system in mexico.
In reality, there is many words to describe a specific taco a person would want in mexico.
What we call burrito in america is called " taco" in mexico. A tortilla wraped with anything.
Tacos sold at taco stands in TJ are called " taquitos"
Tacos sold in del-taco or taco bell do not exist and you will never find them in mexico.
Tacos that are hard shelled and rolled into guacamole or other sauses are called " tacos dorados"
Other tacos are called...flautas.
Many words to many different types of tacos but never called burrito in mexico. Other than TJ and some northern parts of mexico due to Anglo-american tourists.

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Hey Barnacle,

What do U call a taco with hair around it?