Sunday, May 3, 2009

Thar she blows,,,,,!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a couple days,, well, maybe but this will do just fine.
I did this a couple years ago and I saw some shit I ain’t never seen before,, litterly!
At one point I saw a burrito I ate in ’86! Then a bit later came a big hunk of re-tread?
You know how your intestines wrap around for about a bunch of feet long? Well shit can get stuck in the twists and turns. All the 90’s and ‘s’ turns and can just sit there and be nasty.

So I like to get cleaned out. Short of rammin a garden hose up my ass, this seems like the best way. Plus you get a cool t-shirt and hat!
On the front is the ColonBlow logo and on the back it sez “POOPIN IS COOL”. There ya go.


So,, do I post photos of the results?


A maximum-strength laxative, not for the faint of heart. You will literally shit your guts out. The mucus lining your intestines will be removed.
"Poopin' Is cool"
"Have a crappy day!"


Joe said...

Well, this is even more random than usual!

sandy a said...

hope you feel better afterwards!!
Eating some veggies now and then will help you too....!

Barnacle said...

hey,, i eat veggies with every meal,,,,

BUNKSTER said...

Might want to install seat belts on the old commode there buddy. And make sure there are no sources of ignition in the doublewide!

BUNKSTER said...

That and the hops and barley in the Belikin are not considered veggies with every meal

RPM said...

Master Cleanse seems to be the popular choice lately.