Wednesday, April 29, 2009


As I sit here in the bilges of this tiny life raft, I can sometimes overhear my captives speaking. It’s a garbled tongue of some sort of pirate speak. I can tell there are plans for my ‘stinkin carcass’ and it causes me concern.
I also hear of some sort of celebration that may take place on the DoubleWide of ‘Chez Barnacle.
Fuckin pirates are dancing on my grave before I am dead!
I have all the trust that the U.S, destroyer that has been shadowing us for the last few days will make a rescue soon.

Barn,, scribbleing this with steak sauce on a bar napkin,,,,


Sue said...

When the Navy Seals come, Barn, keep your head down!

Gringainbelize said...

yes it will be great........sorry you can't be there....ha ha ha

BUNKSTER said...

Be very carefull, the wenches may have landmined the beach already? Or was that Scurvy dropping land mines?

Anonymous said...

I be writing a pirate song:

Oh I love the jolly pirate life/
And the fun that it entails/
Like nailing lubbers to the mast /
And cutting out their entrails

Singing: kill kill kill kill/
But don't slip in the blood

There's them as thinks I'm soft ye know /
Or thinks I'm only jestin' /
But they always sees the way things are/
once I've pulled out their intestine. Ha ha haaa

Altogether now.... Singing: pull pull away me lads /
But don't slip in the blood

Signed..... Wench Dirty Prudentilla Flint

Anonymous said...

Barnacle tis much more serious than I originally thought.
It's become apparent why you call your area Mental Breach. These people are delusional.
They believe they're pirates though no one has a dagger, saber, or sword and most likely are running around wit their grounds keepers machetes or kitchen knives.
The talk of land lubbers proves the extent of their delusion for that's what they are. None has a sea worthy boat!
No boat
No sword
No pirate or wench
mayhap the wannabe wenches are gathering tonight to swab the deck of the double wide and walk the rail around the deck.
Surely the US destroyer will be to your rescue soon, but it won't hurt to call in the guys with the white coats and straight jackets to be on the safe side.

RPM said...

I'd set Zebra just to be safe.