Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quick update,,,

T'was a village meeting in Placencia last night. Here is a link to the hi-lights.
Keep in mind, Placencia has a boundary, no one is able to pinpoint exactly where it is as it can 'float' to suit whoever needs suit-ing, so all of this may or may not pertain to us up here in the Breach,, or anyone for that matter.
I especially like the 40 ft. height limits peninsula wide, as stated by the area rep. But,, nobody has ever seen it in writing?

While in town today we heard some horror stories of the crowds over the waterless holiday. Sounds like traffic and parking was the worst it has ever been, and the line for the Hokey Pokey stretched all the way to the road!
Now that last one I have a hard time believing. Since when has anyone EVER formed a line????
And it's just going to get worse,,,,,

Also,, I am being VERY patient with my music server. It would be allot of time to start over again! So,, I'll give them another week,,,

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sandy a said...

do you think that they'll be able to enforce that building code thing for simple residential places? how're they gonna do that for regular working-class folks etc.??? i just can't see them doing that to the pre-fab Mennonite houses etc.