Monday, April 20, 2009

ooh ooh that smell,, can't ya smell that smell,,? UPDATED,, ALREADY?

It never, ever fails. Each big holiday, easter being the biggest, Placencia runs out of most everything.
Folks flock there for the holidays festivities from all points north and south. It get very crowded!
But each year, the grocery stores will run short, they will most likely run out of beer and ciggies. I have seen them run out of fuel. And with the ton of people using electricity, the current usually goes out as well. Then they have no water either.
And they always act surprised!

A few years now a pump across the lagoon has gone down during crucial times leaving the village out of water for days while they try to get either parts or a complete replacement.

This year they had the good luck of waiting till the holiday was just over before the pump took a shit.
We have received a few emails explaining how the pressure will only be on during certain hours, if at all, while they wait for a new pump. Last email mentioned something like 21 days!! Before the new pump arrives!!! I can’t find the email right now but will attach it when I do.
I bet there are some grumpy people down that way.
I would never rely on Belize to supply my water. To be the sole provider anyway. You are better off to look after yourself. We collect rain up here and pump it ourselves. We even took BEL out of the mix by using 12 volt pumps. Now we have showers even when the current is kaput!
But when someone did run a water pipe to us, we signed up and got a meter. We use it during the dry to top off our tanks after doing all the laundry for the rentals.
But,, that pipe busted a few days ago and when they repaired it, we were receiving water that looked more like One Barrel! It cleared up in a few days but it’s back to colored again.
I’ve said it before, there is not a day here when everything works at the same time.
Power, water, cable, internet, phone, one or more of those will be down at any given time!


Dear BTIA members –

The Placencia area as we all know is facing a very serious issue with the lack of water. This is what we have discerned so far.

Water will be pumped tonight from Big Creek in order to increase the water in the tower. The Big Creek pump has a larger pumping capacity than the presently working Placencia pump. This theoretically should increase the water flow in the village tomorrow. We think this method will be repeated until the new pump system arrives.
Businesses and households are being asked to PLEASE be conservative with your water usage.
Businesses and households with water pumps should have their pumps hooked up to a water holding tank – not hooked up so that they draw off of the main water lines.
A new pump is being purchased and quicker delivery options are being researched.
We should be receiving more updates which we will be forwarding to everyone else.

We will keep you posted

Placencia Tourism Center

The rattlesnake that bit me yelped.


Anonymous said...

Complaint - The jukebox has not worked since last week! Did it run out like the water? OMG maybe it's my computer!

cayegirl said...

I KNEW there was a reason I flew back to the US April 3! I had been sitting here in the cold and rain disgruntled until I read your post about the water...I would have been one of the people with no water! Thank you for making my day and glad you still have water at your place.

Tani said...

Didn't know if you would be interested with this site...updates of Placencia council info of the area plus archives...

tani said...

oops...left off something from that last address: