Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just how dumb am I,,,?

After months of sufferin thru what we called a bad internet connection, got ‘er fixed!
Our connection would work fine one minute then disappear for 10 minutes, then come back,, for a couple months now. We assumed that because our computer checked out just fine, it was a BTL matter.
It wasn’t life threatening so we kinda sluffed it off. Then we called Morey to stop and have a look see.
Get this,, turns out a tree was causing the problems! A fuckin tree had grown in-between our antenna and the tower blocking the line-of-site needed for it to work well!
Morey raised our antenna up on a pole about 15 more feet and ‘viola, internet!
The offending tree is not on our property so I am hesitant to trim it, but termites might work on it some.

I quit drinking once, and it was the worst afternoon of my life.

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