Sunday, April 5, 2009

NO,, chocolate does not go well with beer!!

Easter weekend is fast approaching. Know how we observe Easter weekend? We hide!
That’s right. It can get a bit nuts out there. Not so much old dead guys moving boulders and sneakin out of their cave somewhere in the middle of the night, (sounds like a Zombie to me) but the party animals that come from nowhere!
And something weird always happens in our parking area. I leave my light on for various reasons, but when I installed that light, it wasn’t intended to be the work light for some guy to change his clutch at 0300! But, he needed a light, I guess.
Easter weekend can be like a mini spring break. Lots of folks tend to migrate here from the cities.
We avoid the village, just too much for us old-er party animals.
I’ll stay home thankyouverymuch.

And someone is always advertising a “Seder by the Sea”?
You can go see what that’s all aboot, I’ll be at “The Bender on the Beach”!
If you hold your beer bottle up in the breeze, you can actually hear the Beer Gods!

We have some folks coming from Denver tomorrow. A guy from my old neighborhood who I haven’t seen in at least 35 years! This should be interesting. We didn’t hang out together as he is a couple years older than me but we knew who each other were.

This is the Boogervilla that greets you at our parking area. Seems it really enjoys life near the leech field!
That bastard is outa control!


The celebration of a bearded man called Jesus Christ, who died on a cross and rose again, resulting in future workplaces and schools closing while people eat chocolate Easter eggs.

Hey! Put down that tax return and have an egg! It's Easter!

"Hey? Where'd the Body Go?" Day.
Not to be confused with Dead Guy on a Stick Day (aka Good Friday).

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sandy a said...

you did that on purpose you rat! You KNOW I want to grow bouganvillea (notated as such on the forum!) and cant seem to get it started. Well, just you wait until we get our house built down tere--I'm gonna have so much bouganvillea and so many colors it's gonna look like Rainbow Brite threw up on my fence!