Saturday, April 4, 2009

Darren Stevens would be proud,,,,!

The requests for ad space are beginning to happen. Got some rollin in and a few more being constructed as we type/read.
I wasn’t really thinking when I announced the free ad offer, didn’t put allot of thought into it. Like most of my actions.
I assume one day I will get a request from someone who I will have to tell “run along now, and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself”!

I have gotten a request from a real estate agent. He understands and states, “if you can stomach it,,” to consider placing his ad. Right off, it would seem we already see things the same. And because of that, I will go ahead and place his ad.
And no, this was not the same agent that was just busted by the D.O.E. for bulldozing mangroves, who refused to stop after the village council told him to, who was fined and now has to clean up his mess AND replant everything he destroyed, no, not that one.

I believe what I should do tho is try to give local peninsula business’s the first shot. Then, space allowed, take the others. Hell,, may never get to that point anyway.
One thing to note,, I don’t really know what I’m doing. News flash huh?
I don’t have the tools or know how to re-size these ads. Blooger tools only gives me one button to click, “size to fit”. If you could make sure your ad’s fine print is readable, or your contact info is in large, bold type, that would help.
Or, if anyone has experience with what and how I am doing this, and can offer suggestions, bring it, bitch!

Just got another ad this morning. Placencia Office Supply! The best place for all your office needs and/or internet access!

Jehovah Witness: Knock Knock,
Barn: Who’s there?
J.W.: Jesus.
Barn: Jesus who?
J.W.: That’s just my point asshole. You better get some churchin up!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. I bet that'll get a lot of call's. Just hope I'm up for it. ;-))