Monday, April 6, 2009

Beats the hell outa me,,,,,?

We have been doing this along time now. Checking in visitors and explaining all we can to help them settle in for a nice vacation. In ten years, we have gotten it down to a routine. It’s not very often someone asks a question I can’t help with.
A couple nights ago some guests arrived for a 5 night stay.
I was my usual helpful self, “what do you recommend for dinner, which dive shop do you suggest, night-life, when will the grocery truck be by, is it safe to swim off the beach, can we kayak out to that caye, ect ect?”
Over the years I have honed my responses.
But,, then he tossed out a question I don’t hear very often and it always interrupts my flow as I stumble all around it.

“What about church? Where are the churches?

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, what?”
“Where are the churches?”

“Adriane,, little help here! Did I mention that there is a deposit on those beer bottles?”

Sorry,, I can spout off all the beer joints and taverns within a 60 mile radius, but “where are the churches” leaves me silent.

Check this out. It’s a can of Bean&Bacon soup!

Bunkster,, can’t you just taste it now?

So I suppose your wondering a few things.

#1, Why the fuck is he photographing a can of soup?
#2, Or 3, or whatever number we’re on,,, Where did he get it?

OK, both legitimate questions.
First, I’m not so much shooting the can of soup as I am trying out a new light modifier I received in a suitcase last night. It’s a PhotoFlex small softbox. Very nice, soft, even light. It will be an asset to my portrait shots, IF ANYONE EVER LETS ME SHOOT THEM!
Second, the softbox and the soup came in the same suitcase. So it’s only right I shoot the soup with the softbox,, right?

Chimp in Space:

Someone who attempts to talk on a cellphone in a loud bar, much as the chimpanzees sent into orbit couldn't communicate with ground control.


BUNKSTER said...

OK Barn, next time send them to me, I will handle the church recommendations for you!!!

sandy a said...

i am pretty sure there's one in Seine Bight.

Dave + Dianna Rider said...

I think Corozal has a ton of 'em. At least one for every denomination, and some that are still trying to figure out how to spell it. Of course, we have a bunch of unfinished ones as well.

sandy a said...

PS I notice the Hungry Gecko ad says "Downtown Maya beach" LOL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So, how was the soup?

BUNKSTER said...

Barn is not gonna eat that rascal, he is setting up a shrine for it!

Gil Bruns said...

Hey Barn, how do I get my song about Placencia on your juke box? ...a bribe perhaps? I'll pick up the tab at Mango's.

Barnacle said...

email the mp3 to me,,
no sweat.

Gil Bruns said...

what address should I send it to?