Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Holy Shit,,,,,!

Road work continues at a fevered pace. There is one section that may be finished? Can’t tell for sure but it could be. Or it may get another coat of something, but if it was called done, I could live with it.
I think folks know there are speed bumps in the near future and some people are trying to go as fast as mechanically possible until the bumps arrive!

The village is gearing up for the weekend. It’s the biggest holiday of the year. First you got Holy Thursday(?), then Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, and cap it all off with Holy Monday!
Now, here’s where I get confused. A 5 day holiday, where a couple of those days there is to be no alcohol sales, I think its Friday and Sunday, not positive. And holiday pay can reach into triple time!
Add into the mix that all supplies are harder to find during all this, plus the fact that LOTS of people flock here from around the country, and you see what I’m talking bout.
Some bars and restaurants just close down because of all this. And you can’t blame them.
Belize makes things very hard at times.

What about us non-religious people? And I know there are more than just me. Why can’t we go to the tavern during “Dead Guy on a Stick” day? Sounds like someone forcing their beliefs on others, if you were to ax me.
Speaking of that, I hear there are some Jehovah’s lurkin the Breach. Trying to get people to ‘come to dinner’! Ha, I’d rather listen to some fat, sweaty, blowhard developer tell me about the 400ft of beachfront he is going to turn into a luxury gated community. Well,, maybe not.

It’s not a sin to drink beer this Friday. Besides, I have been reliably informed that if you didn’t actually learn what the mortal sins are they don’t count against you so I’m pretty much still guaranteed my 14 virgins and a mule which is my basic understanding of what you’re supposed to get in heaven.

I guess you could call yesterday ‘Holy Tuesday’!
It happened again.
Sitting on the DoubleWide, knockin back a cold Belikin, when my doorbell honks.

It’s Brian and Jasmine from Cayo. He reads the blog and is dropping off some beers!
I knew I would never make enough money from this blog to cover what I spend on burritos in a month. And if I were to be actually paid, I would like to be paid in monkeys,, thankyouverymuch!
But the Beer Gods have been smiling down on me!
Or to put it another way, “the sun even shines on a dog’s butt”.

Dough, the stuff, that buys me beer,
Ray, the guy who serves me beer,
Me, the guy, who drinks me beer,
Fa, a long way to the john,
So, I'll have another beer,
La, la la la la beer,
Tea, no thanks I'll have a beer,
And that brings us back to,


sandy a. said...

Dead guy on a Stick Day....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ROFLOL!
And how bout some pics of that "finished" section?

Anonymous said...

My grand daughters and I love the sound of music - I must teach them your version of that song for their Poppy, Belikin Jimmy : )
Thank you for the laugh and the new song on the jukebox!!!

Anonymous said...

I meant songs - DKO

Fiona said...

Score. If blogging equals beer, the it sure is worth it.

Anonymous said...

Bill, There is a lot of misinformation concerning the sale of alcohol on certain holidays. It depends on the type of license you have. Mangos will be open and selling as much as we can on Friday. Steve

sandy a. said...

thnx for the pics Barn!

RPM said...

Holy cow! (no pun intended) You're an evil f'n genius! Beer for blogging?

I salute you Sir!!!

RPM said...

BTW, from the pics that looks like base material being spread on top of the dirtwork. They should be along with a layer or 2 of hot mix next.

Anonymous said...

LOL..LOL...LOL...I love the song..

rabbitmoon said...

Maya Beach has a "downtown"!