Thursday, April 9, 2009

The rules on the DoubleWide are not this strict!

My time spent in Denver taught me to always have my beer bought Saturday night as the beer stores were closed on Sundays. A law placed on the books back when, I don’t know, a long ass time ago.
The same law won’t allow the car dealers to be open on Sundays either?
I am told now, just as of this year, I can now go to the beer store on Sunday. Bout time.

It never, ever fails. Each Easter and xmas, the conversation in the bars here, usually involves ‘can you be open with that license on this day?”
Everyone has their own interpretation of what is written. Some say they can be open and sell beer after 6pm on good Friday (remember, Dead Guy on a Stick day). Some say their publican license allows them to do anything except stay open after hours.
Here is what is written on their law page. I also believe it to be a stupid law and should be updated, and I have never heard of it being enforced. If it ever was enforced, I would lose a lot of respect for the GOB to pay attention to this and not any real crimes!
All the bars will be open and each one will claim they are doing it correctly.
But it looks purty straight forward to me. Even looks like you should be closed each Sunday?????
As long as I get a beer, WTF do I care?
I don’t, that’s just it. I only needed blog material.

Straight from the law books,,,

Duties and Liabilities of License Holders and Others
27.-(1) All licensed premises in which liquor is sold under a publican’s general
license shall be closed-
(a) on Christmas Day and Good Friday;

(b) on Saturdays between the hours of eleven o’clock in the
night and seven o’clock in the morning of the following
(c) on all other days, between the hours of ten o’clock in the
night and seven o’clock in the morning of the following day,

Sandy: Here's another view of the Boogervilla.

Finnish your beer Dammit! There are sober people in China!


Anonymous said...

Barn: There's a big sign up at my closest Chinese store "No Beer Sold on Sunday." They have never turned me away when I wanted a case -- except I didn't chance it for Election Day in Cayo, stocked up early, so I don't know about that one.

As far as the hours, I know that there are different classes of licenses, in Cayo. Some places have to close at 10, and others have a different license that lets them stay open till midnight.

I wonder how Belize would handle a bottle club ... Kenni

sandy a said...

Thanx Barn--such lovely flowers!

sandy a said...

i also noticed you add Mott the Hoople to the ukebox--what a badass song! I also love "All the Way to Memphis" by them.

Anonymous said...

This is the only point worth noting:

"As long as I get a beer, WTF do I care?"

BUNKSTER said...

Usually the chinese stores in PG will sell anything, anytime, anyday! They are the only ones open on Sunday