Sunday, March 22, 2009

YouTube Myspace and I'll Google your Yahoo,,,!

Got Dam,, these birds can make some racket! Ok,, now there is a howl-fest going on at the store. I don’t know what sets off that hoard of mongrels but away they go. Scurvy don’t join in for whatever reason, but when he does howl it’s classic. Smoke-ring face and all.

So, in the last few weeks or so, I have received a shitload of emails telling me someone is following me with Twitter. Now, firstly, should I be creeped out that people are following me? Or should I fell like a total dork cause I don’t know what Twitter is?
I went ahead and looked at some of these stalkers to see what they have been Tweetin. All of them said basically the same thing.
“What the fuck is twitter?”
“How do I use this?”
“Can you see my undies?”
“I’m going to fucking kill you till your dead!”

Seems none of my new ‘posse’ is down with the twitter shit either. Cept maybe the a-hole who wants me dead. I should prooly worry bout that one but I’m more interested in those undies!
I can’t overload my pea-sized thinking device with all this. I have just learned about Blog!
Hell, until now, Blog was the noise I made when I urped my guts out.
So don’t feel like I’m ignoring you, well, I am ignoring that psycho fuck, if I don’t Twitter you back.
Now, what about them undies?

Remember back when I mentioned there was a competition for ‘Best Travel Blog’? Remember I mentioned I had 2 chances of winning, microscopic and none?
Well ‘none’ would have been the correct choice. I don’t even know if the blog was nominated?
How could something like this be a contender? Look at the content I use.
Tits, boobs, dicks, assholes, zombies, vampires, douchebags, not to mention the lizards, snakes, crackheads, whores, and the occasional Jesus-in-a-dog’s-butt photo.
Nor the fact that I sometimes, usually, always swear like someone with Coprolalia!

So, I didn’t win. Only reason is cause they didn’t have the proper category form me.
(like there is one,,)
Maybe next year,,,,,

Oh yea,, if you missed the update from yesterday, I dumped some new tunes into the juke box!


The feeling you get before you have sex.

"After kissing her ear i felt twitter pated and wanted to fuck".

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cayegirl said...

Maybe they meant to say someone is following you all "atwitter"!;-)