Saturday, March 21, 2009

no title, boring post,,, UPDATED!

1990 I bought a brandy spankin new Toyota truck. They just came out with their V6 motor and since we were hauling motorcycles and pulling a pop-up trailer, it seemed like a good move.

So in ’98 we packed that truck up and drove it down here. It had never let us down, never broke once.
Coming thru mexico, all the sudden it would not stay in 3rd gear. Had to hold it in, and 3rd was a popular choice with the hills and all. Stopped once in a larger town to see about getting it looked at. No one wanted to mess with a Toyota? OK,, lets press on and hope for the best.
As soon as we crossed into belize, the problem went away! Never did it again. We drove that truck for another 8 years with no trouble to speak of. Cept it was starting to rust out pretty good. The roof leaked so the carpet was wet and moldy. Time to sell.

Sold it to a Spanish construction worker who took it somewhere for some work. Saw it about 2 months later, now painted green with a new roof, carpet, tailgate, bumpers, and lookin good!
Whelp, here it is coming to it’s 20th birthday. Long live toyota’s!!

Lola stopped by in her new ride. You may have seen her stylin round town. She has an art showing going in bz city.

Are ye getting sick of bat photos yet?

Have you seen the tattoo poll results? The portrait of Oprah is a real contender! Where would I put that?

UPDATE: Remember 'New Music Monday'? Well, since I am such a cheap bastard that I only use free hosting sites, I now upload whenever the cheap-shit site is working.
Today I managed to get Mott the Hoople to load. Along with an Eddie Grant tune that is very popular on the peninsula. And if you are familiar with Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys, then you will love Liquor and Whores!
Oh shit! On a roll! Just got a Warren Zevon tune up as well,, guess I should keep going while it's hot!
Hot Damn!! Tossed in some U2 and Soggy Bottom Boys,, just to show I have ,,culture.
Dance it up, you know ya wanna.

Keep your legs together, and don’t get high-centered.


Bryan Castillo said...

These are my favorite posts! no real subject, just a taste of whats going in your neck of the woods. Keep them coming. They make my boring life more fun!

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Can I vote more than once????


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