Sunday, March 15, 2009

WTF?? Do I have to go out and create something to blog about???

It’s confirmed. Too early for any road update photos. I made an airstrip run yesterday and nothing new to report. The one section that is smoooooth and covered is about 100 yds right in the middle of the straight-away by Rebbeca’s place. This next week should bring some progress.

At the airstrip was a motorized hang-glider. A two seat-er. The guy was giving rides it looked like. Looks fun to me!

STILL,, nothing happening worth mentioning. Busy with guests again so heres some old photos again,,

Oh,, and a funny vid clip I received.

I got so drunk LightHouse started tasting like beer.

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cayegirl said...

I saw that little thing buzzin' around yesterday! What was he charging for a ride?