Monday, March 16, 2009


I am still all blocked up. As you can plainly see from this screen shot of the word doc I am desperately trying to pull outa my ass!
It has had the ‘FUCK’ word up there for daze now. All lonely lookin and shit.
I need a verbal colon-blow!
I don’t think I could write something down even if it was my last day on earth. Cause I’d be all drunk and shit, last day on earth and all. Who wouldn’t be hammered on their last day? Not me motherfuckers. WHOO HOO!
But then I wake up the next day, still here on earth, and there it is, ‘FUCK’,, still glaring back at me from the word doc.

I have told a bartender: “I didn’t hear anyone yell last call. How could I? I was in the bathroom, vomiting in your urinal.”


Sue said...

You should stop stressing when you have nothing to say. You are not being paid for doing a blog! When to words come, share them.

Sue said...

When the words
When to words

BUNKSTER said...

Guess over on AC they do not like the idea of cussfest!

sandy a said...

Don't worry Barn, I check your blog every day but I dont' expect something new and exciting every day! I know how it is on the Breach--days of deadness punctuated by short explosions of excitement!