Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Watch out for low flying roofs! UPDATED,,

The juicy gossip we were suppose to gather up turned out to be just another tourist gone wild. Some girl who wouldn't pay her bar tab and almost got into a cat fight with the girl bartenders which would have been worth watching! We need an event like nude pudding ras'lin round here.
But, while we were at BareFoot, reports came in that another bar/restaurant in town just had their thatch roof collapse! We didn’t see it but sounds like it is now a midget bar. No injuries were reported.

How did I enjoy my first day of un-employment? Very nicely and thank you for asking.
Although, I am now battling with my ex-boss over severance pay. I could take her to court but I’m afraid my case would crumble like a month old cookie.
Or since I don’t want to make my way to the courthouse, I could just slam my dick in a kitchen drawer. Equally funny.

I uploaded a new tune into the box, just for John and Kathy.
Mazzy Star, “I’m gonna bake my biscuit”.
Let me re-phrase that, I'm trying to upload that tune but my piece-o-shit host is apparently down.

UPDATE: I tried again and the tune has been loaded.
John, Kathy, start kneedin that dough and lickin them beaters!

I wish bartenders would spend more time ‘tending’ and less time ‘barring.’


Preston said...

I'm new to "As The Coconuts Drop". Can you give some background as to what your "job" was in the first place.

I'm stuck in Oklahoma but I have just become infatuated with Belize and hope to visit in the next year or two.

Anonymous said...

Barn - you're a hoot!
I started reading your blog and became instantly addicted.
I love your music selection - listen almost daily at work - thank you for helping me keep my sanity there ; )
Also curious about your termination - I thought you guys ran a luxurious resort (I saw the utube) DKO
ps love the umpahlumpah blog hehehe