Sunday, March 29, 2009

Want to buy a basket?

Yesterday was Earth Day, or some shit. The world was suppose to turn out their lights for an hour to save some energy.
Well fuck that. We here in southern Belize took that and ran with it. While the rest of the world patted themselves on the back for going an hour without lights, we went from 0700—1530 without ANY power!
Take that world!
I don’t know what they were doing but they called it “maintenance”. I thought they would be moving some of the poles that seem to be in the way of the road project but as I went to the airstrip I see that was not the case.
Anyway,, when the current was restored, there was no freekin way I was turning back off.

Another thing we don’t have in Belize that we had up north are telemarketers. They never phone us up and try to sell anything. Well, maybe once.
Instead we have the ‘Good Morning’ club.
These folks will stand out near the road (presumably afraid of my killer dog), and say over and over and over again “Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning, Good morning, Good Morning, Good morning , Good Morning”, until they get a response.
One morning, not in the mood, I decided to just let him go and see how long he would do it. He was a persistent cus. He kept it up for 10 minutes!
Finally, when I could stand no more I yelled back,, “OK, I’M AWAKE. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?
“Do you want to buy an orange?”
I would like to go to your house at 0200 and see if you want to buy a CD,, that's what i want.

One morning while having my early coffee I heard the all too familiar greeting but coming from the beach direction?
I go out to investigate and found two Maya basket sales girls outside the bedroom window of a rental trying to wake up the occupants! They didn’t know the room was empty, but I unloaded on them anyway. It was about 0600 fercrissakes!
Then they lied. Something about ‘we were looking at a snake’ or some shit.
It’s 0610 right now and the Chachalacha’s have parked right in-between my rentals and are screamin their heads off. That’s Ok,, but not the ‘Good Morning. Crowd!

Before you throw me out, make sure I pay my bar tab.

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Sandy A. said...

yeah, I'm familiar with those Good Morning People....WTF??