Sunday, March 29, 2009


I don’t know how it happens. Really, I don’t. But apparently it does. Something bout a bee nailin a bird? I dunno.
Hercita is, how you say,,, all aglow, smuggling watermelons, bun in the oven, preggers, eating for two, preparing a tax deduction.
Yep, Julio impregnated her! Gonna be a little Juli-Cita runnin round in bout 8 more months. Is that right? Or is it 16 months? I can never keep it straight between humans and the Smoothed Back, Hairy Bellied Water Weasel from Papau NewGuinna!
Since she doesn’t want to ride her bike in this condition, she has been replaced as the ace #1 housekeeping employee here at Barnacle Estates. Maternity leave so to speak. Hope she comes back, but I kinda doubt it.
Could be a j-o-b opening here before too long.
Congratulations! And I want a cigar.

Music up-loader has been working, so you know what that means,,,!


To move about.
The pregnant woman said.."I just felt the baby squimble!

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