Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh fer fucksakes, quit cryin,,,

Well wholly shit!
Mr. Whiney-Butt, who had nothing to blog about for a few days, mopin round and cryin like a girl, has just come into a ton of new shit! So much so that it can be spread out into a few daze worth.
Let’s start with the good shit.
Mrs. Barn and I entered a photo contest called ‘Belize Please Photo Contest’, stationed outa San Pedro.
Bigger’n shit, we won a few prizes!
Here are our winners,,, you may remember them from a few posts earlier.
Adriane's second place winner.

And her 'Honorable Mentions'. That dog photo has to be the 'feel good' photo of the year!

My second place finisher,,

My first place photo,,

And this one that didn't place, but we both really like it!

Now, in order to claim our prizes we have to go to S.P.
What’s that spell? R-O-A-D T-R-I-P!!!
And check out the prizes.
Adriane won a lunch at 'The Lime Bar'.
I won a free pizza from 'Pedro’s Pizza', and a free Tattoo from 'Artistic Skin Designs'!
Where else can you win a tattoo and a pizza? Nowhere that’s fuckin where!
And you can bet yer ass we are going to go claim!
So we can actually go to S.P. and get hammered, screwed (Mrs. Barn willing, Barn capable) and tattooed! (too much information?)
OK, Sandy, you are my preferred skin artist, but hey,, it’s a prize! I feel like I’m cheatin on ya, sleezin round.
I have started a poll. What should Barn’s new tattoo be? A photo related subject? A Mental Breach offing. Vampires?
Let’s hear some thoughts. It's up there on the right.
Many thanks to the folks up north who put this all together!
And a big congrats to all the other winners! Some excellent photos out there!!

I have so much alcohol in my system that my cabbie has to be HazMat certified.


RPM said...

I got to admit the 2 hamsters fuckin in a bed of Jello would be classic, but I got to go with Mental Breach.

Congrats on the contest!

BUNKSTER said...

A hummer in flight

Sandy A. said...

congrats!!! I know that you both feel really good that all your hard work is paying off!!
I dont' think yer cheatin'...after all, I'm only there once a year and like the old song says "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with'!! HAHAHAH!!

rabbitmoon said...

the flying humming bird photos are your best colorful ones....but then you could put that 'monkey in rehab"....


Sue said...

I'm voting for the bats!

Belizean Beach Bums said...

Congrats to you both, you deserve the prizes. As to the tats.... I have always wanted a dragon tat myself..... but that is another comment... heh heh.... Great to see you last night Adriane, missed you Barn

Tani said...

Sue's right....those bat pics were awesome (spelling?)!!!!

tacogirl said...

Barn more of both your pics going up today including the one that didn't place - I liked that one a lot and of course the Bat's had to go up. Glad you both entered and won.

Sue said...

I saw a bumper sticker today:
"My tattoos cost more than your car!"