Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shrimps, Mexicans, Bioligists, Beer. It never ends,,,,,,

Our weekly trip to town yesterday was, for the most part, un-eventful. As expected there was much road work going on, and the village itself was crowded.
Our favorite watering hole BareFoot was CLOSED! Seems they were all out at the cayes for an ‘employee party’.
So, we ended up at ‘Yoli’s’, drinkin beer with Corn Dog Ron and our favorite biologist Tim.
The beer distributer was out of beer! Yes, out. That would send panic waves thru some folks, but I learned years ago that you never should expect services to be always available. On any given day it could be a wasted trip. I have been to bars that have no beer, gas station out of fuel, I have been to the bank when they had no money, true story!
So, I always try to have a few crates-o-beer in reserve downstairs in my beer locker.
Grab a meal-to-go from Grill-N-Go and head north as Mrs. Barn is planning to be in attendance at ‘Shrimp’ Debbie’s 60th B-day party. You must admit, for 60 she is holding up well! (ease up Shrimp, it was a compliment) might be getting shorter tho?
Reports that it was a good time and all survived.

The winds finaly died down. The water is calm once more.
As I gazed out from the beach a couple daze ago, scratchin my groinal area, I look out to the south. WHOLY FUCK! Look at the size of that yacht! It was anchored just on the coast up here in the Breach. Why? Good fuckin question! As I scramble for my potato gun, I realize I have no more butane to launch taters at this possible invading foreign Navy! Man are they lucky.
I see elsewhere that it belongs to some Mexican bazzilionaire, just down here to show off.

Ha,, that reminds me. Not long ago there was a report in a local newspaper of a traffic accident on the northern hyway.
The article said ‘there were 4 people injured and 2 mexicans’.

Side note: Carl was just here to deliver my beer order from yesterday. What could be better!

Here is what happened to that rat bastard who bit Scurvy’s dick! HA, take that!

I’ve convinced myself my liver isn’t distended—it’s pregnant. With a new liver.

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Sandy A. said...

good lawd, Debbie is 60??? She sho' dont' look it!! You tell her I say "Happy Birthday, Gyal!!!"