Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ghosts, Zombies, and Advertising Execs,,,?

There is a story in the paper bout how the female barracks at the police academy is haunted with evil spirits!
Later on I see that some computer virus could wreak havoc on April 1st and take control of a bunch of Zombie computers to spread its diseases.
Now this is my kinda shit!
The cops are being haunted by ghosts, and my very own computer could be a Zombie! How cool is that?

Me thinks the dry, hot, dusty season has begun. Because it has been dry, hot, and dusty that’s why.
A couple nights ago we gave the Geno Special another spin. The advice I got was right on! The secret is in the juice! OK,, we all knew that but it’s true. Using real charcoal fluid instead of Zippo fuel, made all the difference. The thing worked like a ‘hot-dam’! Burnt up some dead chicken boobs just right.

If there are any business’s out there who are reading this, take note.
I am going to be offering FREE advertising on this site. You heard me, free.
And who wouldn’t want to have their ad seen on As The CocoNuts Drop? (smiley face, wink wink, nudge nudge)
Over there, on the right side. As soon as I figure out how to do it and get the time to do it, I will.
If you want to put a little blurb over there start thinking of what you would like.
I will stop by others business’s as the times comes and see if anyone is interested.
Can’t wait to see who will allow their business to be mentioned here!!!??

"I'm not advertising anywhere that mentions Umpalumpas with Smegma on their site"

Gossip hunt today. Hold on ta yer butts!

New hummer photo.


A thing thats on this site because the owner is too cheap to pay for the servers himself. He needs that money to get himself a cheap hooker.

Urban Dictionary's owner says "How could I affored an advertisement free site and 500 hookers a month? It's impossible."


Sue said...

At the very least, the HSA (Hummingbird Society of America) should be jumping on your offer of free advertising. The BSA (Bat Society of America) doesn't need your help.

Anonymous said...

Just be gentle.