Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's not all about who has the bigger dick, deck,,,

Another cold front. It’s in the hi 60’s again this morning! Global warming my ass! Tough to get outa the sack. Another temp indicator is when Scurvy leaves the spaciousness of his new deck and comes inside to curl up. He was in this morning! Packed into Mrs. Barn’s Coleman camp chair! Yep, our furniture consists of a folding camp chair. No overstuffed lazy boy’s here. No super huge flat screens either. She sits on the camp chair and I use the Mennonite school chair. Truthfully tho, we used to have all of it. Back in Denver we had a nice split level(3 floors) house. A hot tub in the back, 2 cars, many motorcycles, a camping trailer and my garage was the coolest clubhouse in the area! Fully carpeted, killer sound system, a combo of forced air and infra red heat, beer fridge, phone, all of it! And we had weekends to play. The hobby we were in last was raising Cichlids.

Tropical fish from Africa. Our basement had 10 or so 55 gallon ‘breeder’ tanks, and the main show tank up stairs was a 200 gallon beauty! It was 7x2x2.

Dinner last night was stewed pork and pertaters. Greg’s double thick chops are very versatile!

I can make many different meals with them. And of course Scurvy loves the bones.

Here is a youtube video that may help clear up some questions about dicks, decks!

I’d be happy to go on the wagon if I could find one with a bar.


Sue W said...

Some folks might suggest that back then, you had a lot of stuff; now you have it all.

sandy A. said...

NIce shot of the deck! Dig the Jolly Roger!!

MavericksHMB said...

Hey Bill... I spent a whole evening several nights ago reading through your blog entries. A friend of mine who lives in Belize sent me the link to your blog. Seriously, I couldn't stop reading and next thing I knew it was well after midnight! The deck came out beautiful and Scurvy sure looks like he likes it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts... I can almost imagine myself being there. And tell Adriane that her photos (yours too!) are absolutely incredible. Your blog has been duly bookmarked and I'll be back!

Brenda in cold, grey, snowy, ucky, Spokane, WA