Friday, November 28, 2008

Pleased to meet you,, hope you guess my name,,,,

In the sweltering Central American heat, an amateur archeologist works furiously to beat the approaching storm.

He had been tipped off by his dog, which was digging in the sand for a cool spot, that there was an artifact buried here. Possibly Mayan?
As the piece was slowly uncovered it became clear that this was indeed a rare find. Possibly very important to the understanding of a long gone civilization.
Slowly. carefully, he swept the sand from the piece. As he reached down and removed it from its long time resting place, a slight shiver ran down his spine. While a thunderous clap of lightning rocked the area, he almost dropped the piece and ran. But he gathered up his fortitude and remained calm. This was to be a find of monumental proportions!

Would the Smithsonian be calling? CNN? John Stewart? Oprah?? My Gawd! Oprah!!!
With book deals dancing round his head, the arm chair history buff took his find and headed for the security of the stately Che’ Barnacle. Carefully, lovingly, he cleaned hundreds of years of grime, gook, snot ect. from the piece. Soon it was looking like it was really only from 1978! He took the find to the computer room and began a search. Soon it was becoming clear that this was indeed a significant find from an era long gone. As he dug deeper into the Google pages, he was lead to the same thing, over and over.
This was the Maya God “Bung-holy-o”!

All Hail,,,,BUNG-HOLY-O, the god of Flatulence!

Not to be confused with King 'Corn-holey-o' from the Aztec period. A king who was believed to have some bizzare sexual habits!

The simple act of returning an empty keg can spiral into an big emotional scene.


sandy A. said...

Looks like something you could open a beer with!

tacogirl said...

too funny :)