Wednesday, December 3, 2008

As a layer of fine dust settles all over the penninsula,,,,,,

Not as cold this morning, but pretty dreary lookin. Got some rain last night, should knock down the dust for a few hours, at most.
Speaking of dust, just when I thought things were to begin to look up, I can tell now that things are going to get much worse before they start to really look up! I’m talkin bout the road and all it’s construction traffic. The standard daily, and I mean DAILY construction traffic has spiked in the last few weeks. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems that way. Why? I dunno. Maybe the developers were waiting for hurricane season to end so as not to wipe out their dreams? And I believe we have reached the point where construction workers now outnumber the residents of the peninsula!
And what better time to add in the road paving crews? Those poor guys will be trying to pave a road all the while will be the dump trucks, cement trucks, flatbeds, trailers with mangrove removers, dredgers, trailers with sky-tracks, buses full of Spanish work crews, and all the other traffic parading thru their job site. We may actually see grid-lock on the road!
I haven’t been south for a few days, but last trip saw the area near Playa D Pirates being worked on. Am told they want that straightaway done by Xmas. You would not believe how wide it is! At first I thought they were adding an HOV lane! Or a passing lane for the cement trucks and busses (to pass, not be passed,, silly). But I hear now there will be deep culverts along the side like thru Cocoplum road.
Makes sense as that area floods out pretty bad. I am anxious to see what all is to be done, where they widen and where they don’t, where the sidewalks will be, and of course the bumps!
Town day tomorrow, I’ll try to get some shots of the progress.
23 expected months till complete. There will be plenty of Kodak moments!

Over in the juke box, I added a little Xmas tune, just to get you into the same holiday spirit as me.
And one also dedicated to our dear friend, OJ Simpson. But you can’t open, er, listen to it till Friday afternoon, after he is officially told he will rot out his remaining life in a Nevada State Prison!

Yep, in case you have not been keeping up, they hand him his sentence Friday. Smart, lawyerly types say it will be a bad one for the Juice! He he he!
As for our own notorious criminal, still no arrest of Musa? I can’t decide if they are just chickenshits, Musa is more ‘connected’ than Barrow, the new GOB doesn’t want to slam the cookie jar lid shut while they are prowling the kitchen, or they just don’t have the proper evidence, which is hard to believe.
Musa even came out and basically dared Barrow to arrest him, saying “I have done nutin wrong”.
Either way, it looks like Musa will be thumbing his nose at Barrow and all Belizeans for some time to come.

In Belize an air conditioner is called a politician because it makes a lot of noise but doesn't work very well.

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sandy A. said...

Yeah! Pics of the road!! I guess I have 23 months to get my sh*t together. Ray J. is having my lot filled for me this month--he and Linda will be there next week.