Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can't get no,, satisfaction,,,,,,,,

OK, let’s hear it for the good guys!
From about noon yesterday, the Prison Bitch song was stuck in my head. O.J. will spend at least 9 years in the slammer. Not a bad start. What will happen? Will he do his time and be released? Will he flip out and kill himself? Will he make a jailhouse confession to his cellmate that he did in fact commit double murder? And what will become of his golf clubs? Stay tuned!

King Ralph had the charges read to him yesterday. Maybe things will go in the right direction?

Here is a couple shots of our future shop-keeper heartbreaker, Reina.

And last night’s meal, Greg’s double size pork chops, smashed pertaters and gravy, and broccoli with cheese. That will make one fine looking turd!
I didn't say that out loud,, did I?

Buy me a beer and thank me later!


Anita said...

Hey Barn, I know little Reinita. I have seen her grow. Last visit to Maya Beach, I gave them a copy of a photo I had of her in diapers with her brothers, my son & a little coatamundi (?sp).

The last visit, I got another picture of the four of them (minus the coatamundi).

Next visit, I'll have to get THAT photo to them.

sandy A. said...

Riena is a lovely little girl! Her name means "queen" in Spanish--maybe she will grow up to be a pageant queen!