Friday, December 5, 2008

What was that,,,,? I did'nt see it,,,

“good morning, this is Dr. I. Forgethername, from the vets office”
“oh yes,, Fuzznutts arrived OK?”
“yes, Fuzznutts is here.”
“do you know what is wrong with him, yet?”
“this cat is blind!

So goes the conversation with the Belize city vet. We knew he had trouble seeing some things, and it seemed to be getting worse, but we didn’t want to hear it from the vet! That makes it so,, official.
After racking up some more frequent flier miles, he is back home and seems purr-fectly content. He gets around fine, jumps up to his chow hall, goes outside and stares at birds, and he will be just fine.
But if you see him and he doesn’t respond like he should, don’t call him a prick, he’s handicapped!
Bet he can still find Corn-Dog Ron’s leg tho!

For those who are interested, Musa was lead into court yesterday by an army of cops! He was released on 200,00$ bail and told the news afterward that he is not worried and that it is all the UDP’s fault for EVERYTHING!
Next up,, King Ralph!

You have to go to court to find out what happened.


Carole K said...

I know you feel bad about Fuzz, Barn, but since animals live in the moment and he feels safe, he will be OK. That's all he needs to know. We had a dog with cataracts and we decided to have the surgery done to remove them. Wish we hadn't because the cure was worse than the affliction. Don't move the furniture around too much, though.

sandy A. said...

I am glad that Fuzznuts is ok, despite his lack of sight. I've known people who had blind cats and they were OK, they just couldn't go outside.

MavericksHMB said...

Awww... poor Fuzz! At least you now know why he was bumping into the furniture and couldn't recognize food right in front of his nose. As Carole said, just don't move the furniture around too much. And don't let him back off the deck onto a case of beer! Sounds like his days of being an outdoors kitty are pretty much over. If he can't recognize dangers, he can't defend himself. Give him hugs for me.