Friday, November 21, 2008

Who in their right mind would let their monkey ride on the roof of the truck,,,?

All of the sudden I have allot of blog material. So much that I can spread it out over a few days. That works out well cause its freekin hard to come up with something when it’s boring around here.
I heard Lola say once, “Every day is a party in Maya Beach.” Well, we may make it look like a party but don’t let that fool ya.
Let’s start with our old friends BTL. Some background is needed. I am writing this on Friday morning. At the end of this post I will state the time our internet returned and I upload the blog.
Yep, internet has been screwed up since last week! First our e-mail went funky over the weekend. They never did get that fixed by the time the whole internet connection went to shit. Last seen on Tuesday night. Wednesday we try to make calls to report it along with everyone else who is out only to be reminded that it’s a holiday! Garifuna settlement day! So you get nothing but a recording telling you that your phone call is very important to them, how great their service is, country wide, and their newest slogan “It’s all about you,,”.
24/7 my achin ass! Not a live person to be found. We have learned over the years that there is no service on a holiday from anyone for any reason.
It’s hard for me to accept since for the 20+ years I worked in the HVAC industry, I was ‘on call’ the entire time! I either carried a pager or I tried to hide from my phone. I can’t think of a Xmas dinner during those years where I was not called out to get some heat going somewhere. When it got cold and snowy, I made allot of overtime! I cannot understand how BTL can let their customers swing in the breeze like they do until they are good and ready to respond? People rely on their internet. Business’s need to communicate. Us, personally, have a couple room inquiries we are in the middle of negotiating, plus I want to keep up with my parents health. Oh, and write blogs.
BTL, if you’re listening, we would drop you like an empty Belikin bottle,, if there was an alternative. But keep Morey and his partner, they are great!

Next rant: Land Registry office.

It only took 9 months and 4 trips to Belmopan, but we got our land titles changed over!!!
That has to be the most miserable challenge we have faced yet. I would rather go thru residency or citizenship again before I want to go back there!
They are only open 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon with only a small handful of folks helping you. They use the typical Belizean tactics to confuse and anger you with run-around and bullshit. To stand there and watch, what my unqualified mind sees as a completely disorganized clusterfuck be played out by mostly unhappy employees who have no problem, and actually seem to take delight in telling you to ‘come back tomorrow’, for me to not chuck it all in and leave,, IT’S HARD!!
Yesterday, all we had to do was PICK UP OUR PAPERS! They were to be done 3 months ago but we just now got up there. When we do we find out they had got set into the wrong pile(yes, they are still using the ‘put all files into a pile’ system) and were never finished, but ‘we’ll do it right now’ after they searched them out. The girl helping us was very pleasant this time but when she told us to come back, and I assumed the next words out her mouth were going to be ‘next week’, my stomach flopped. But,, she said ‘inna half hour’.! Whew!!
OK,, 1 ½ hours later we are still standing there (they removed the chairs this trip) while she bebopped around the office seemingly having trouble. First, we HAD to have a certain signature or it wasn’t valid. Then, ‘oh well, it’s not necessary’(?). Then the computer broke. 4 of them all huddled around it tapping the screen and muttering. Finally, as we were now into their lunch hour, they finished it off by hand and had us sign it. All done!!
So, just ‘picking them up’ took us from 0730 when we left the house till 1230!
But we got ‘er done!!!!

While in Belmopan we have to hit Brodies, right? Oh hell yea! Every time I do, I get depressed thinking about Placencia and its stores. Walking thru Brodies and seeing all the choices is confusing to me. Why doesn’t Harold bring this stuff down? Nothing really exotic or anything, but choices. Wallens gets better every year and I look forward to the day they reach Brodies level. What did we splurge on? Whole wheat pita bread, a jar of hot cherry peppers, Oscar Meyer deli meat. Nothing exciting but there were other choices, that’s my point. They have stuff! Different stuff! Maybe that’s all it is, being in a different store?

Then we went to Builders Hardware. I don’t have to tell you how they compare to PBS do I?

All photos Mrs. Barn's.

“That beer you’re drinking looks suspiciously simular to the one that was stolen from me two days ago.”

EDIT: Internet was returned at 1400 friday.


cayegirl said...

That's strange, barn. I was on the internet all week down here in Placencia - no probs. How can that be?

Barnacle said...

it was our fancy-pants wireless (internetless) system that went down. something at the tower.