Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holdin back the years,,,,

Oh yea, I was nervous! Not so much nervous but stressed. Shooting photos of an event for something other than my own entertainment can be a bit stressful for me. Years ago I thought I would do some commercial stuff. I shot a couple weddings and the yearbook photos for some high school cheerleaders. I decided right then I don’t want to do that again! Especially shooting film. I would nervously await the return of the processed film to see how I did. If I screwed up, I couldn’t very well ask the wedding party to come back and do it all again next week! Too much stress.
Yesterday I was to meet and shoot the 4 oldest residents of Seine Bight. I’ve matured a bit since those wedding days, at least photography wise, so I was psyched up and ready. Still apprehensive tho. I have never met these folks. I have the utmost respect for the elderly and I wanted to be sure and show that. I was tipped off that some Goss chocolate would ease some smiles and some small juice bottles as well. But when I went to get the juice, they were all frozen. So, I grabbed some RedBull’s.
Goss chocolate, RedBull’s and ninety year olds, what could possibly go wrong?
Well, nothing went wrong. I actually saved the RedBull’s for myself, erroring on the side of caution.
Three of the four sessions were just fine. One needs to be done over simply because I was not happy with the results. These folks were happy to be photographed and that makes things easy.

I have some good progress on the calendar and things will be progressing. I was given the idea of sponsors. People put up some money up front to finance this project and when the calendars sell I can either return the money or donate it along with the profits. We now have almost ¼ of the funds pledged and I will be on the hunt for the rest. If anyone out there wants to help sponsor this, let me know!
Not to spoil it but here are some samples of the choices. These may or may not be the ones used. These folks are 90, 91, and 92 years old! They are lookin damn good if you ask me!

One sad note: Mr. Ramirez lives in an old, tiny house by himself. Someone took him to L.A. recently and while he was gone, some lowlife stole the cinderblock steps into his house! That’s a rotten bastard right there. So, today I will deliver some blocks I have sitting round here and put his steps back for him.
Anyway,, Seine Bight is about done. Need to work on Placencia now and maybe find out who the oldest is in Mental Breach!

Confucius say: Crowded elevator smell different to midget.


Lola said...

These are GREAT Barn. That calendar will be very special.

sandy a. said...

yeah I cant wait for the calendar

Drew Travers said...

I love that you are doing this and with such great portraits!

Carole K said...

What beautiful people. Good job!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic portraits. Can't wait to see the rest. Unfortunately can't contribute to the calender printing fund as I just put a large dent in my own credit card ordering mine. Definitely want to buy one when you have the printed product though, so please add me to the list.