Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feelin alright,, little driving on a saturday night,,,

Got some rain last night. Knock down the dust a touch. Tho the dust will be back by 0900.
I can really tell the increase in population over the last few years. Traffic is way up for one. And people’s well water seems to run out much quicker these days. What with folks using it to sprinkle the road and all.

Belize has some bad drivers. No one will argue that. Bad drivers are worldwide, but as usual being such a small country, everything sticks out more. It’s easier to see as you are right up close to it. The country has not had roads all that long, paved ones anyway. And those who can afford a car have not always been so fortunate so their driving experience is not all that broad. Couple that with less than perfect roads, and the complete and total lack of law enforcement and you can have a real colorful day on the road! We’ve all seen some of the wrecks out negotiating the hyways. No lights, 3 different size wheels, 20 degree bend in the middle, 12 kids in the back, 5 in the front, going as fast as mechanically possible.
How they got thru transport inspection is pretty obvious.
On the way back from Belmopan, Mrs. Barn snapped some shots of the carnage left behind from some road related mishaps. And this doesn’t count the semi trucks over the side on the hummingbird. We couldn’t find them on the way back and had some a-hole pressuring me from behind so we skipped them.

“You have anything lighter than Coors Light? I have to drive home tonight.”

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